May 11th, 2018 2:55 PM

Dear Friends,

After Barbara Bush passed away, I was eager to read the history and accomplishments of Presidential First Ladies. I was intrigued by Patricia 'Pat' Nixon, the wife of the 37th President. Even though Mr. Nixon resigned the Presidency in disgrace, the amazing recollections of everyone that knew Pat were truly uplifting, and her demeanor was always welcoming, sincere and authentic. Any one of us that has acquired a divine ability to discern the presence of one's character, can ascertain the splendid qualities she displayed conceivably throughout her marriage and in public life. The continual emotional pressures manifested throughout the Watergate scandal was a time of profound distress. Under the circumstances, Pat reassured her family and friends, that one must overcome despondency by never losing hope nor one's optimism. Pat would be remembered in leading others, by declaring that life is to be lived on a higher level, when moving onward and upward!  Pat's approach in living life to its fullest in this manner, is the method all of us must truly embrace.

I would surmise First Lady Melania Trump truly appreciates Pat's attitude, as media coverage of her spouse has been reported to be 91% negative. Surprisingly, hatred and opposition towards her personally is the newest degradation of human decency by a disturbing faction of transgressors. Consequently, disparaging members of the Trump family and the Chief Executive continues unabated by a divisive minority. The misguided attempts to destroy the President by various entities must have weighed on the First Lady's peace of mind. Fortunately, her presence as a strong and determined individual with magnanimous convictions in assisting the plight of children, was noted by well versed and sagacious Americans. The 'Be Best' campaign inaugurated just a few days ago, is an affirmation of the First Lady's desire for us to be aware of how we can become our best, in all that we do.

Mother's Day is this Sunday. Incidentally, both of these women are also Mothers. Pat and Melania are personalities we have come to know, due to the circumstances that catapulted their husbands in representing this nation as President. While this is true, a majority of Mothers either deceased or involved in our private lives, reinforce the love and affection we will always treasure in our hearts. I am also blessed every day by the divine affectionate presence of of my beloved Mother, whenever my thoughts are directed towards fond memories or the spiritual guidance I require to live in harmony.

I wish everyone a Happy Mother's Day as we lift our spirits Onward and Upward!

Thanks again for your continuous support.

Pat Nixon's Funeral Service

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