October 29th, 2016 1:54 PM

Dear Friends,
The month of October of any year is close to my heart as it's my birthday, my older brother's birthday, both of my deceased parents birthdays and the anniversary of our company! This month is also known for calamitous financial outbreaks in American history. I'll always remember Black Monday as it occurred in 1987 when the Dow Jones Industrial Average declined 508 Points. At the time I was a bank manager and the general hysteria at the branch was a day I do my best to forget. This is still considered the largest one day percentage decline ever to happen.
 In 1997 the DJIA dropped 554.76 points and we know of the momentous loss that led to the Depression in 1929. All of us have recollections of September 29th, 2008, a few days shy of October, when the most grievous financial loss led to the Great Recession and the repercussions of this event still lingers to this day.

While there are several events that are considered October Surprises this month, the reopening of the FBI investigation of the Democratic candidate's email server, has become the denouement of a long and winding history of deception which is now destined to end. The most powerful force of the Heavens has intervened, and in so doing, has reminded all Americans the truth is the only path to victory in any circumstance or challenge we face. As a nation, before ballots are cast, there will be additional revelations that will provide the information required for Americans to make a wise decision in regards to their personal sovereignty and the future of the republic.

This Month
1. Americans have been privy to read hacked emails from the campaign of the Democratic candidate obtained by an organization outside of the US
2. A clandestine investigation on video that purports to show a concerted understanding to promote disruption of the Republican candidate's rallies throughout the country
3. The rise on average of 25% in premiums for the 'unaffordable' Affordable Care Act that will have an economic impact on all members of the 'Middle Class'
4. A video that was intentionally released before the 2nd debate in which the Republican candidate is overheard using vulgar language of misogyny in a private conversation
5. Women have come forward and asserted the Republican candidate has infiltrated their personal space through various demeaning behavior in the past. A good number of the accusations were investigated and debunked by those present at the time and/or facts of abuse that are unable to be substantiated by reputable, reliable sources
6. Revelations the main street media is involved in everything imaginable to assist the Democratic candidate in winning the General Election
6. Organized attempts to manipulate votes cast by fraudulent means
The corruption disclosed in all spheres of influence by powerful special interests, has been relenting and covert by entities that lack respect for the rule of law, the value of democratic concepts and the tenets of the Constitution. America by now has been awakened by the forces of good and evil. This election can be construed as the most important plesbicite in our lifetimes. As I've detailed in previous posts, the discerning wisdom of Gospel passages in Scripture mentions anything that is hidden will be revealed. This month has disclosed volumes of information and disdainful motivations of those eager to destroy the character of the American people.

On Tuesday, November 8th, America will know if a democratic republic will be the method in which this nation continues to be governed.

Thanks again for your continuous support.

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