October 17th, 2008 11:44 PM

Dear Friends,

Of all the months of the year, October is my favorite! My birthday was on the 7th, my mother's birthday was on the 12th, my oldest brother's birthday is on the 26th and my father's is on the 30th. My beloved parents have passed on but I always light a candle in remembrance of the love we all shared during their lives. My other brother's birthday is in April, and I always look forward in wishing him the best.

I always enjoyed my birthday presents. Yes indeed! Throughout my birthday years I was surprised at the presents I received! One year I received a bicycle, a tape recorder and my own television set! On my 28th birthday I was amazed that my staff orchestrated a surprise birthday party in my honor!

I also have several wonderful friends that celebrate their birthdays in October. One of my dear friends that I've known for over 26 years, Joyce, celebrates her birthday on Saturday!

There are other events that make October my favorite month. MoneyTeam began its mortgage business 19 years ago. We've had our ups & downs like most small businesses but by perseverance, service and integrity, we're still here! Thanks to you!

Of all the seasons, Autumn is truly my favorite! The brisk weather and the most beautiful colors of fall foliage are breathtaking! Growing up in the midwest one can appreciate the change in seasons.

Halloween is on the 31st and this is when a good number of adults become adolescents in their pursuit of inexpensive psychotherapy, by portraying characters alive in fantasies inherent in one's subconscious. If you ever have a chance to view the procession on Hollywood or Santa Monica Boulevards on Halloween night, you will be astounded at the release of stress many of our neighbors require  through participation in a yearly ritual resembling activities in a state correctional institution or an asylum. I would not be surprised to see adults dressed up as Fannie or Freddie, the Lehman Brothers, Barney Frank or even Governor Palin! Who knows, I might attend and dress up as ______!!!

Financial Meltdown

This past week was truly one of the most turbulent and traumatic we've ever experienced. The Dow was up over 900 points on Monday and declined over 700 a few days later. The Federal Government began a plan to infuse $250 Billion directly into banks in order to shore up confidence in the credit markets. This action is to provide the capital banks need to begin lending to their customers.

In other financial news, consumer confidence is at its lowest ebb ever, unemployment in the US and in California is troublesome, many Americans lost substantial amounts of monies in their 401K's and the involvement of the Federal Government in the private sector is troublesome. The intrusion of the government directly in the banking system is similar to actions taken during the Great Depression. The Treasury Secretary has mentioned these actions are being implemented on a temporary basis. Let's hope for the best.

Loan Modification

MoneyTeam this coming Thursday, will begin providing loan modification assistance. If you are currently in foreclosure or if you are having difficulty paying your mortgage, we will be able to help you by contacting your lender and negotiate a lower mortgage payment. If you owe more money than the value of your property, we will negotiate on your behalf to either sell your home or to lower the mortgage amount.

MoneyTeam is interviewing several attorneys and companies in order to provide the lowest fees for these services. Please check our website on Thursday, October 23rd for more details.

Help Wanted

MoneyTeam is seeking 2 licensed loan agents to work out of their homes. We have many leads from across California for purchase & refinance requests. Please email your resume to for consideration.

Interest Rates

Mortgage rates have gone up this week due to the volatility of the financial markets. MoneyTeam is offering a Conforming 30 Year Fixed for 6.00% and a 15 Year at 5.875%. Both loans are at 1 point. Please check our rates.

An October Surprise?

You might have heard of Joe The Plumber.

Thanks Again

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