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Dear Friends,

If you are a regular TeamBlog reader, you have come to appreciate the truth in all subjects, and the common sense concepts associated with its discernment. I for one will do my best to review all options that are presented. As a man that seeks justice under all circumstances within a society that has evolved such as this, the concealment of the truth is considered the decline of this nation's proclivities in its historical embrace of liberty and freedom.

In order to ascertain the current motivation or desires to raise the consciousness of the American electorate in its simplest form, I do not consider myself an active member of the Republican or Democratic Party or espouse the predominant principles of their platforms, as the truth may not be incorporated in its passages. The 'establishment' in both parties have created the subtle inability to decipher the authenticity of policies formulated to assist our standard of living, If you are considered a Republican, generally you are considered a Conservative while those of the Democratic affiliation are Liberal in political philosophy. Be that as it may, the rise in the gradual acceptance of Socialism or Leftist manners of interaction in America, is a moral and dangerous contrivance that has detrimental consequences for a constitutional republic

Any intelligent individual that has the capacity to comprehend the direction of thought in America, has come to the realization the Democratic Party has violated the norms of the Constitution by its acceptance of Socialism as the basis to replace the rule of law and the ideals of true freedom in America. I am content to grasp the basis of living my life as an Independent, as I'm not obliged to be under a course of dialogue that is baseless in theory or in a misleading and corrosive illogical understanding of the human condition. Plainly speaking, for a very long time and after so many trials and tribulation throughout my life, I no longer have the glowing trust I've had for those within my presence, and various institutions I once embraced as a young adult. It is a travesty the indoctrination of Socialist ideals directed towards America's youth, will do damage to the fundamental basis for this country's existence. America's future is under attack, as the 'Millennial Generation' has been targeted to accept the treacherous dissertation of Socialism that has never functioned in human history. The current atmosphere of contempt by powerful entities in the contravention of capitalism or democratic principles, has cursed the wholesome embodiment of thought once regarded as sacrosanct by those that love America that began under the direct involvement of the Founding Fathers.

Personal growth is achieved once maturity, integrity and the procurement of wisdom are understood to be the stepping stones in appreciating the works of human nature. Generally, anything the media, a public government official or a college professor states in their interpretation of a specific situation or an interest, is circumspect. In addition, the entertainment industry, social media entities and various business concerns have succumbed to the ill conceived manifestations of corruption in secular convictions. It saddens me greatly that skepticism and a touch of cynicism has found its acceptance in my thought patterns. Through all the trauma, one can come to understand the distrust of anyone that utters a word - as we may never know the history of the individual's background that has created the verbiage, expression or opinion that is manifested in a public or private setting.

America is going through a 'metamorphosis'. This nation is experiencing a voluminous amount of expletives in expression - lies that continues to dominate public discourse - the immoral and unethical conduct of those in our communities and representatives in government we've elected to advance our genuine interests. Notwithstanding, the disrespect of those we admire for their eminent and independent character continues unabated, by a cabal known for its hatred. When aggressive individuals have a method of chronic annoyance towards others due to their attributes diagnosed as a sociopath or a narcissist, the unraveling of the natural presence of civility required for this nation to succeed is in question.

When an anonymous commentary in a liberal newspaper is presumably written by a member of the current government administration indicating a desire to sabotage policies as a moral undertaking - the relentless censorship of social media - or the rude and peripatetic questioning of a Supreme Court Justice nominee - and the bitter, inconsequential speech by a former President on a college campus of all places, where conservative thought is persecuted - these are just a few of the most recent events that have transpired and are transforming the unique attributes of a nation founded by Judeo-Christian principles towards perdition. 

Also, an ad campaign by a major sports retailer has just begun. It focuses on the purported 'sacrifice' made by an NFL Quarterback in which he defiled the National Anthem by kneeling during its presentation and by wearing socks disparaging law enforcement by its repulsive illustrations. It is my understanding at a press conference after the game, this man wore a T-Shirt depicting both Malcolm X and Fidel Castro. The fervor to have this man represent America's youth by a company that strives to 'just do it', is reprehensible.

For many Americans who are considered to have an Independent voice, the Mid Term Election in November will decide the future of this country. As an Independent, we have the power and the intellect to penetrate the vestiges of evil that we've witnessed. The decision you make at the Voting Booth will either transform this country towards Socialism or maintain a Constitutional Democracy. Incidentally, as an American born in Castro's Communist Cuba, the vote to end the rise of despotism in this country, is a simple choice.

Thanks again for your continuous support.

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