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Dear Friends,

So far this Summer I've noticed and seem to have acquired several habits which I personally consider troublesome. I've been spending too much time on the couch watching television, I've been over eating more than I should and I've been unable to sleep by waking up in the middle of the night for no apparent reason. Collectively one can diagnose that I might be under duress or unable to grasp the absence of one's loving embrace. While these ailments are attributed to my current chapter in an otherwise life well lived, I am compelled to change the direction in which I find myself.

Many of us have challenges in our personal and business lives. Perhaps, family obligations surrounding finances or the health of loved ones can be overwhelming. In business, the stress of deadlines, production goals or the desire of recognition for a job well done as a steppingstone for promotional advancement, all of these efforts can be considered a description of one's employment responsibilities.

During my excursion in TV Land, I've come across delightful television programs where human nature and mutual respect compliments the interaction among the characters. Whether a comedy or drama, one can appreciate the substance in which the portrayals of courage, decency and the affirmation of faith are intertwined as a reminder of values to be nurtured. Most of these programs are from another era. Unfortunately, a good percentage of television devised for the viewer today, has no redeeming quality and lacks the intelligence or the intellectual capacities one seeks in any art form. 

While living in a nation where freedom to offer an opinion about everything as a curmudgeon of a perceived stature is my right, I am confident that I am not the only inhabitant of over 307 million Americans content with the complete unraveling of a once great society. While the abyss may be around the corner, one is compelled to rise up and scream as loud as one can to end the mental illness we've suffered from dysfunctional personalities in all branches of government, business and the media. While the address or addresses of the 'asylums' are known, there are those like myself weary of the consequences. As an example, the medicine prescribed by a government incapable of deep thought, has transformed a once healthy AAA bond rating of 94 years towards a credit downgrade where investor confidence has become undeterminable.

One night last week, I was tossing and turning and unable to fall asleep. I decided it would be best to turn on the TV to see if I can find anything that can offer me the ability to relax. After flicking the channels I was able to tune into 'The Twilight Zone', where the scheduled episode was 'A Stop At Willoughby'. I consider this 1960 episode of the series one of my favorites! Character actor James Daly plays our protagonist, Gart Williams.

The story revolves around an executive in an advertising firm frustrated and unable to cope with the chronic stress of his job and the humiliation he must endure by an arrogant and selfish wife. His employer constantly demands to 'push, push, push' as a prerequisite for additional sales. The overwhelming responsibilities of the main character leads to frustration and ultimate burnout.

While traveling to his residence via the outbound train, our friend takes a nap and dreams of a serene, tranquil village where the townsfolk are enjoying a sunny Summer day, set in July of 1888. The conductor mentions the next stop is Willoughby. This town is not to be found on the regular stops and is only known in his imagination. We know that Willoughby is 'a peaceful restful place where a man can slow down to a walk and live his life full measure.'

When our friend boards the train for the third time, he dreams again of Willoughby, a village where time stands still. The conductor beckons and our beleaguered friend decides to leave his briefcase and descends from the train and walks towards a gazebo where all the folks he encounters greet and welcome him to Willoughby. The peaceful and solitude of a life worth living is exemplified by the warmth our friend has captured by the kindness of those he meets. Unfortunately, in the next scene we see our friend lying motionless as an ambulance from the Willoughby & Sons Funeral Home takes him away. The conductor mentioned the poor chap jumped out of the train. His last words were of Willoughby! 

While I have no compunction to jump out of a train, an automobile or a plane due to the excesses of living a life in a 21st Century big city, I do seek peace, quiet and solitude from the cacophony of a community where such pleasantries are difficult to find. Even though one is deluged by the torment of living in a society where elite secular convictions is a staple of simple minds, I have the capability to dream of a day when living life abundantly is the force of my own existence.

It is my belief that Americans have exhausted the hourly proclamations of social and economic disaster which engulfs our daily lives. The gyrations of a financial system on the brink of collapse or participation in a culture where debasement is incorporated as an elixir for entertainment, one wonders where is America headed? To drown our sorrows by embracing the actions of those seeking to undermine the soul of this nation is unforgivable.

The time has come to live life in full measure. I can't wait to visit Willoughby again! I invite all Americans to join me too! 

Thanks Again    


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