April 16th, 2020 1:14 PM

Dear Friends,

I've always considered myself as an 'eternal optimist' but there were times I referred to myself as a 'happy curmudgeon'. An oxymoronic description no doubt. Nevertheless, I sometimes wonder if the President and his advisors are reading the TeamBlog, as I've mentioned in previous posts my thoughts on alleviating the pain and suffering in which the Coronavirus pandemic continues its emotional and financial devastation in the lives of Americans. While the circumstances are problematic, opening the nation to reestablish commerce, is a wise and beneficial effort in healing the divide many of us are experiencing. Unfortunately, the trampling of our civil liberties has been a consequence of the current turmoil. Disturbing actions by local and state authorities in denying basic rights espoused in the Constitution have energized leftist supporters. The Draconian measures prescribed to eliminate the spread of the virus, has given petulant authorities the power to disrupt the lives of law abiding citizens throughout the country.

In my humble opinion, the pandemic has divinely revealed the evil that lurks within this nation. America's battle to contain the virus, has inspired a vocal and neurotic number of malcontents the desire to circumvent and oppress this nation by a constant burgeoning of hatred created by their mental afflictions. When the capacity for reason, logic or common sense is no longer utilized to make informed and impartial decisions or fact based opinions, the rise of tyranny gathers steam. This is why the 'wake up call' has shaken our communities, as the power elite has placed America on a course that may abruptly determine our destinies. An example of one's discontent in Michigan occurred just yesterday as a march in the state's capitol protested the incongruous measures by the Democratic Governor to deny the rights of its citizens. I am extremely proud that Michiganders have risen up to defend their freedoms, as I grew up in Michigan and have many wonderful memories of years past.

All told, I am not discouraged! America will regain its self-assurance once Coronavirus cases and deaths decrease during the following weeks. The economy will gradually be restored again when the pandemic falters. While level headed positive leaning Americans have seen the landscape from a distance, pragmatism and the universal work ethic will regenerate the sacrosanct convictions of liberty. Discerning citizens that love this country, will be appreciated and recognized for their devotion and passion to save this nation from perdition. The influence of Socialist and Communist entities in America will be defeated, as their identities are no longer hidden from the public. The political and ideological effects of the Coronavirus has revealed the enemies of democratic principles within our communities.

This nation has discovered the pandemic began in a bio-engineering lab in China. Because of this revelation, sane and intelligent Americans will have a better grasp on how a Communist government intentionally misleads its citizens and the world by their contempt for human life. The Communist authorities never offered information in regards to the origination of the virus nor its deadly aspects, until the virus spread exponentially throughout its population and across the world.

The aforementioned actions of the State, has given Americans an abrupt education on how a society manipulates and administers their power of deception. The post I wrote on February 23rd mentioned an introduction to Socialism 101. The pandemic has given 'food for thought' as America's economy is regrettably on 'life support' - but not for long. As a nation, we are suffering from similar concepts of Communism by the closing of America's financial marketplace and the dissipation of civil liberties. The damage to this nation's economy has contributed to an abrupt understanding of our human rights. Americans will remember all of this when they cast their ballots in the General Election in November. I am confident the American people have embraced the virtue of wisdom, from the pain and suffering that was forced upon this nation by a Communist government that devalues the lives of its own citizens and those across the globe.

Thanks again for your continuous support.

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