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Dear Friends,
Many of us that have always viewed a glass of water as half full instead of half empty, can appreciate the ups and downs of life. There are times we can see everything around us as a gift to be opened and enjoyed, unfortunately as adults, a sense of serendipity is a rare occurrence.
As children, many of us were fortunate to have developed a vivid imagination and an unending curiosity that fulfilled our fantasies. We looked to adults to make us feel secure, important and loved. All the caring and warmth of parents towards their children, is anticipated during the course of one's growth as a youngster. If the associations were free of abuse, harm or prolonged suffering, you might expect a rational and thought provoking child to recognize or confront powerful emotions and act accordingly.
There are basically 2 options. Either to have an unswerving hope that conditions improve where one's piece of mind is reenforced, or one of despondency, when circumstances spiral out of control with a perception there is no solution in sight.
Americans of a rational mind and intellect, have seen the entire configuration of their lives be rejected and dismantled by systemic attacks to their dignity. The lack of respect by those in powerful positions that have a direct bearing on our lives, is a fact of reality. The ongoing breakdown of a society in turmoil, has become a manifestation that provokes our understanding that hope is nowhere to be found. By and large, Americans are somewhat ambivalent, but essentially, they no longer have a sense of optimism in which their lives are sustained by purpose, meaning or the freedoms demonstrated in erstwhile convictions. Pessimism of living in a nation where one's values are assaulted continuously by the controlling behavior of sociopaths and narcissists, has become the lamentation of a republic in doom.

We live in a dangerous world. Much more so now than ever before, as those individuals in government we have entrusted to represent our concerns, have squandered opportunities to resolve past differences and created new ones by incoherent, naive policies. Lasting peace in the Middle East will never be achieved, as a direct result of such actions. The suffering of ethnic populations and the persecution of those practicing the Christian faith, are the consequences of inarticulate attempts to see the world and its challenges by impractical terms.

In this country, we are witnessing a breakdown of the highest order. Anyone that has the ability to conceptualize the dynamics of a society during the past 50 years or more, can sit back and decipher the decisions which has led to the events of our own undoing.
I am not a historian, but one can come to a realization that everything manufactured to destroy America in our lifetimes, has been a source in which evil has penetrated and flourished by the contempt in the hearts of those that hate this country. It is no longer a surprise to witness radical approaches to 'transform' this country from within. Those in government, media and big business have activated a plan in which the Middle Class will cease to exist by burdensome taxes, regulations and the dissolution of civil liberties, augmented by the influx of illegal aliens in all 50 states. In order for greed to take hold by wealthy purveyors, the desire for cheap labor will accessorize the inability of these immigrants to communicate in the English language. Big business sees a goldmine of unsuspecting workers that lack education and marketable skills. These factors will converge towards an unwillingness or inability for these migrants to assimilate in the general population, by their rejection of America's heritage and principles that do not include aspects of socialism and dependence on government for their livelihoods.
 Moreover, the unlawful and unconstitutional executive order contemplated by the head of this government to offer amnesty to all illegal aliens in this country after the Mid Term Elections in November, is the ultimate decision devoted to the permanent destruction of America's culture, freedoms and the preeminence of the Democratic Party for many years to come.

It is sad to say the Democratic Party has become an entity that manipulates the American people, by its inability to respect its citizens by not disclosing the truth about anything.
Consequently, their decisions run contrary to a past history of statesmen that included the 33rd and 35th Presidents and other Senators and Congressman of an era, where integrity and one's character devoted to public service was valued and appreciated.

The 33rd President is known to have issued the orders to bomb Japan in order to secure a surrender to end the Second World War. He is also known to be a man of great integrity as 'the buck stops here' reflects his decisive approach in resolving conflicts that reached his desk in the Oval Office.

The 35th President will always be remembered at his Inaugural by advising all Americans to 'Ask not what your country can do for you, ask what you can do for your country.' In today's America this concept is viewed as selfish and unreasonable. He also saved the world from the probability of a nuclear attack during the Cuban Missile Crisis in October of 1962. His assassination 13 months later devastated the nation.

Concurrently, my frustration with those in the Republican party are similar in several respects, as the main concern is the timid, moribund display of indifference that runs counter to the responsibilities of dissent that is required of an opposing party.
The 34th and 40th Republican Presidents have noteworthy accomplishments.

The 34th President was at the helm during the boom years in which mass production of goods and services were at their highest levels ever and warned of the complexities and the inclinations of 'the military industrial complex' in his farewell address.

The 40th President will always be fondly remembered as the man that won the Cold War, with the infusion of optimism and respect he had for the office and his fellow citizens. The economic boom during his Presidency was aided by the lowering of taxes across the board. His engaging personality and genuine approach to governance, was recognized by all discerning Americans and he became known as  'The Great Communicator' for his ability to be plainly understood.

As an Independent, I see the shortcomings of today's political parties, as their representatives have an uncanny ability to speak out of both sides of their mouths. What is one to do, when skepticism seeps into the minds of voters, as it looks as though all of these politicians are untrustworthy?
 Do you vote for the lesser of two evils?

We are at a crossroads.
 Do we vote for an organization that has destabilized our nation by numerous scandals and its unwillingness to secure our borders and to offer the protection and safety of its citizens? Or do we elect members of the opposite Party, knowing full well the policies of the current government will be dissected and discarded by the prodding of an electorate that has had enough? Do we as as Americans wring our hands and decide to throw all the bums out, once and for all?
The decision you make will change all of us for at least 2 to 6 years. The basic terms for a Congressman is 2 years, for Governor is 4 years and for a US Senator is 6 years. Locally you may be voting for a Mayor, a member of a School Board or State Propositions that will impact your community.
To insure that America can survive the onslaught of deception we've been subjected for some time, one must vote with confidence and utilize basic educational skills as reflected in the ability to reason and use the logic of common sense.

As a nation, are we better off today than 2, 4, or 6 years ago?  While we have discussed the achievements of past Presidents of both Parties in the modern era, the accomplishments of the 44th President are just too numerous to mention, but some notable aspects are listed below:
The anxiety of Ebola in the US, the communicable diseases of migrants from Central America, the insecurity of our borders, health care plans with higher premiums, deductibles and the inability to keep one's Doctor, the false promise that health care plans will not use its premiums to pay for abortions which is an affront to religious liberty, the abuses of the IRS on conservative citizens, the NSA in its efforts to infiltrate the privacy of all Americans, the quest to dissolve the rights to protect our lives and those of our families highlighted in the 2nd Amendment, the disaster of policies that has elevated the scourge of destruction in the Middle East, the death of an Ambassador and three persons in Benghazi, where the US government has equivocated and misled everyone on the happenings which occurred that day, Fast & Furious, a plot where guns were sent to Mexican drug cartels in order to promote gun control policies, millions of citizens that have lost their homes to foreclosure, millions of personal and business bankruptcies, a Federal debt of over $17 Trillion and counting, additional taxes to be paid by those in the Middle Class, higher gas and food prices, a rise in homelessness and poverty, unemployment figures that reflect 95 Million Americans are no longer in the workforce, the rise of racial divisions and plans to offer amnesty to millions of illegal aliens in this country after the Mid Term elections.
One can add a work ethic that involves over 200 rounds of golf and gluttonous spending of millions upon millions on vacations and excursions, fit for a King or a petty Dictator.

Tuesday, November 4th is the day that will either stop the madness, or continue an environment where our civil liberties are diminished.
Let's pray and hope for the best, that an outpouring of common sense and the wisdom one has acquired through the trials of pain and suffering will conquer all anxieties, by voting to keep America free from harm and abuse.

Thanks Again

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