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Dear Friends,

There are occurrences of profound importance in a generation which shape the consciousness and the destiny of its citizens. In our personal lives, many of us desire to go back and change events so that a better outcome is preserved. Sometimes I imagine going back in time & tinkering with traumatic circumstances in our nation's history in order to forestall painful and devastating consequences in which we are currently suffering its after effects. Whether the prevention of the Kennedy assassinations, the war in Vietnam, the killing of Dr. King, the surrounding developments of the Watergate era, the terrorist attacks on 9/11 or the horrors of Katrina, these are dramatic chapters in our nations' history which were truly painful for all of us.

One event not mentioned in sometime, revolves around the Supreme Court's decision in 1962 outlawing school prayer in Engel v Vitale. This ruling perhaps has helped vanquish the moral character of this country by abandoning the religious heritage and principles of its founding fathers. The disintegration of the American family and the moral abyss throughout every facet of society today, is considered a direct result of this ruling, conceived by 6 justices 46 years ago. Many scholars and statisticians agree this ruling and subsequent others, has affected the cohesiveness of American society. Notwithstanding, the turmoil of the 1960's and the Watergate influence, has gradually developed a confluence of disparaging and cynical concepts in our behavior, which has harmed the natural optimism and decency once displayed and honored in years past.  

We are now known to have MORE. More murders, more divorces, more teenage pregnancies, more children born out of wedlock, more unwed mothers, more abortions, more sexually transmitted diseases, more child molesters, more crime, more violence, more drug addicts, more high school drop outs, more illiterates, more prisoners in institutions, more pornography of every kind, more bankruptcies, more foreclosures than the Great Depression, just MORE of everything!

It's been 46 years of MORE misery and destruction of the soul and character of this nation. When will we see deliverance?

As I have mentioned on previous TEAMBLOGS, common sense demonstrates the decisions made in the past have profound ramifications for our welfare in the future. I do not portend to have the wisdom of Solomon, however most of us know history tends to repeat itself. This concept is now being experienced again in a new twist, as we begin to pay exorbitant prices for gas and let others control the direction and sovereignty of our nation.

During the 1970's we ran out of gas. There were gas lines miles long. I remember those days only too well. Now in 2008, we presumably have the gas but it's too expensive to fill up. The irony is too blatant not to notice.

If America was able to land a man on the moon, we have and can acquire the technology to build vehicles than can run on electricity, solar and even water!

America does not have an ENERGY policy. We do not have a blueprint for the energy needs our country requires for its future. There must be a summit of the major forces involved in this issue and its participants must be scrutinized by all  citizens. This conference or convention must not occur behind closed doors and must be open to the public. As well, this summit will be delivered by all the major networks on radio and primetime live television. The press would be implored to write the days conclusions on the front pages of its newspapers. The event would lead to recommendations which would eventually translate into a nationwide referendum and voted upon by all Americans.

While gathering all the 'special interests' for such a conference might be considered a naive and simplistic approach to iron out differences, this might be the only process which can give the American people the options needed in order to have a concise policy in moving forward. It's time all of us make the sacrifices necessary for the betterment of our country as a whole. We need to have the courage to 'take our country back' from the mediocre politicians we've placed in power. It's time to end the procrastination and eliminate the addiction of MORE oil. It's time for a clean slate.

Energy plans conceived by T Boone Pickens - and Al Gore - among others, can become the steppingstone we need to begin a debate for America's future.

As of this year, the US population now stands at over 300 million. There are many of us who are sincere and genuine in our beliefs for the preservation of democratic ideals and furthering a discourse of providing practical solutions for the problems we all face. Our history has numerous examples of principled men & women overcoming insurmountable odds in their personal lives in order to make a lasting magnanimous contribution to American society. There are concerned citizens of integrity and character known to sacrifice and bare the burdens for a better future for their families and the Republic. We see them every day. It's time to hear their voices again. 


In regards to the mortgage crisis we are experiencing today, many of these problems were promulgated by ill conceived loan programs. These programs enabled borrowers to pay minimal monthly payments without paying the principal, creating 'negative amortization'. When this happens, one can conceivably owe more money to the lender than the property is worth. Another loan was a 2nd deed of trust for 125% of the property's value. This loan is truly dangerous as a borrower can refinance and walk away from ever paying the loan due to declining property values as there is no equity. The lender that conceived this loan believed property values would continue to escalate in such a manner as their loan would not be considered a risk.

Other loan programs consisting of 'sophisticated' adjustables, no money down, no loan documentation of any kind or of entire applications left blank, was the handiwork of numerous participants in the mortgage realm. From government lawmakers and regulators to lenders, appraisers, mortgage brokers, realtors and borrowers, many had a hand in promulgating this culture of 'looking the other way' for the sake of GREED and securing the 'American Dream' at any cost. There's no need to be reminded of the skyrocketing foreclosures due to such agreements.

The revamping of the mortgage industry in its attempts to end such abuses is currently a work in progress. Balanced measures are required. This type of approach will ultimately end the fraud associated with the crisis and begin to resurrect confidence and trust in the marketplace of public opinion. Once this occcurs, we will begin to see stability in the American economy.


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