December 21st, 2020 7:09 PM

Dear Friends,

The Christmas Season is upon us, however I'm saddened to say the division that has transpired this year is a constant reminder of the moral shortcomings and disheartening events many Americans have come to endure. While the pandemic, the violence in our streets and the manner in which the General Election was 'stolen', the birth of Jesus is the only ray of happiness that I can muster this Holiday Season. I mention this, as on a personal level, December is a month when despondent emotions tend to erupt, as past tragic events have occurred during this time and the current anxieties in America have overwhelmed one's sense of stability and security.  

This year has unmasked the true origination of evil that permeates this nation, as the revelations have given many discerning Americans a pause on how to fight for justice - in a world where power is concentrated in establishments that have the capacity to control our lives.

This is the backdrop scenario that hampers the goodwill of those that love this country - and the traditional values of religious liberty when an opposition desires to cancel a culture devoted in the elevation of the human condition. This situation can drown one's optimism under circumstances that will not allow the ability to live life in abundance. While this year has depressed many, I included, I will never cease to remember the good times when decency and civility prevailed. This is the Christmas that was meant to be, as we do our best to enjoy the true meaning of Christ's birth. The magnitude of our character is determined by our acceptance and understanding of His Birth, Crucifixion and Resurrection.

Merry Christmas Everyone!

Thanks again for your continuous support - during these challenging times in America.

Jim Nabors Sings, "Go Tell It On The Mountain"

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