December 20th, 2015 4:47 PM

Dear Friends,
I've taken a sabbatical of sorts from concentrating or composing thoughts on the same conflicts we face from extreme and irrational elements of a society in disrepair, which continues to offer those of a loving nature a jolt that never seems to end.
While my actions seem appropriate for a short period of time, I'm under an obligation that prohibits me from neglecting the ability to inform the American people of the truth, as interpreted by data deemed reliable and trustworthy in all occurrences. This unsolicited responsibility also compels me to reveal the compulsions of those that seek to do us harm. As an American citizen that loves this country, I am motivated to use my voice as a remedy to remove all vestiges of oppression. Frankly, it's exhausting to view behavior that abuses the human condition, celebrated by those we inadvertently placed in power and by a mindset that resembles bouts of a mental disorder.
Americans have a problem that for many of us, conjure the sighting of the proverbial elephant in the room. The genuine moral values of integrity, truth and goodwill have been replaced by greed, dishonesty and manifestations of evil.
We have accumulated a sect of malcontents in government and the media that are focused on destroying the very basis of the convictions known to have been represented and enjoyed by Americans throughout history. We now have powerful forces eager to destroy this country from within, by reaping the rewards in which wealth and delusion can only compensate for their deceptive practices.
It pains me deeply to view hatred exhibited from distorted concepts that lack any basis of a belief in a higher cause, where the embrace of peace among men is not considered the rationale for spiritual growth. Since the attacks in Paris last month and in San Bernardino on December 2nd, many of us dread the direction and the incorporation of our thoughts, as we must now formulate extraordinary plans for our own survival. When government hesitates to 'preserve, protect and defend' the basis of our sovereignty espoused in the Constitution, our very lives are in danger from those seeking our demise.
This change has been orchestrated by a decadent, misguided philosophy attributed to powerful forces, unwilling to appreciate the vast substance and character of the American people.

When government policy allows 'open borders' without the ability to ascertain the background of those entering this country from territories known to be hostile towards Americans, any official proclamations of security are viewed with suspicion. Credibility is no longer reflected in any speech, interview or expressions designed to eviscerate and deceive the general public. This ailment or the inability to tell the truth, has a diagnosis that many of us are unwilling to accept. The eradication of this 'cancer' is the scourge that has infiltrated America's roots. Many of us have been affected by an ideology that lacks common sense while accepting a premise among other excuses that ineptitude is a feigned explanation for the chaos we face as a nation.
The true escapades of turmoil in America today, are designed to elevate deleterious consequences as a precursor in fomenting divisions. This plan allows control of the American people by powerful forces in concerted attempts to elevate insecurity. In so doing, the utilization of force against its own citizens is approved and administered by a government bureaucracy. This force is indebted to follow a script, which allows job security and bonuses for time well served from the very tax payers these bureaucrats have exploited for monetary gain.
While it's a given that a good number of politicians have deep ingrained psychological problems akin to obsessive compulsive disorder (OCD) due to their inability to tell the truth, the media also has challenges with their integrity by failed attempts in securing a basis for objectivity or impartiality. Many of us are rational. We have acquired the capacity for discernment and display our wisdom when logic is integrated in our thoughts, once important decisions are to be made.
Trustworthiness is a rare concept nowadays, as individuals we've elected to powerful positions do not represent the concerns of its constituents. The ability to change direction in government policies by an overwhelming mandate of opinion at the ballot box, has become an exercise in futility. After the votes are counted and disseminated, the same flawed characters ignore the results and the will of the people is suppressed.

The newest Speaker of the House among other representatives in his own party have succumbed to having their reputations precede them, by their support of a budget that contributes to additional debt in the trillions, hampering prosperity in the lives of future generations. Inculcated government policies in this budget also funds an organization that administers abortion and sells human body parts for profit. This 'contemporary advance in human understanding' is a direct result of the villainous, unprincipled transgressions of influential forces. These forces are formulated to transform a nation by its abhorrence of democratic principles and the virtues associated with religion that encourages compassion, and the recognition of the sanctity of human life.

As a Christian and a member of the Roman Catholic faith, I noticed there are members in higher echelons of government that have endorsed or remained silent on policies that run counter to a universal understanding of biblical teachings, Knowing full well the pretense of those incarcerated by beliefs that are rarely exhibited in public, I do my utmost to embrace Scripture and ask myself on numerous occasions, who am I to judge? Notwithstanding, many citizens are dissatisfied in government's primary role and failed responsibilities to protect our freedoms. Included in this observation is the media's duty to inform its citizens without bias or censorship. 
America's denouement is fast approaching.
Sadly, one can obviously conclude that as a nation at this juncture in American history, we are truly living on borrowed time.

We at MONEYTEAM thank everyone that donated to our Toy Drive this year. The response we received was truly overwhelming! On Christmas day, many disadvantaged or hospitalized youngsters will indeed have a big smile on their faces because you cared. While the world is upside down for many, to remove thoughts of anxiety and distress by giving to others in need during this Holiday Season - this is the true meaning of Christmas we can all embrace!

Thanks again for your continuous support.

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