March 13th, 2017 8:22 PM

Dear Friends,
The Season of Lent has begun, and many of us who are followers of Jesus, have plans to review our lives by the actions we have initiated and the procession of our spirit we've incorporated in the lives of others. In order to begin this 40 day journey, prayer, fasting and almsgiving are the most salient components of a sincere approach in recognizing the imperative work that will transform our interactions. Expressing the truth in all of its ramifications, is the only method where we can explore the faithful results of our beliefs.

As Americans, many of us are duly informed of the inner workings or manifestations of powerful interests by their exposure throughout various protestations, in which a double standard or a sense of hypocrisy is revealed. When the main street press, big business, a political party or an embedded government establishment oppresses the will of the people, one can logically determine the cause for their actions.
Frankly, I have no desire to delve into political theatre, as I have become an uncanny clairvoyant of sorts and this discovery has provoked a desire for introspection. It seems as though my thoughts through the requisite gifts of discernment, has allowed my convictions to be known and appreciated by those that have a modicum of respect for my sentiments. I knew the day America's current president announced his candidacy for the Republican nomination, he would acquire the convention delegates to win and be victorious in the General Election. This was no surprise for me to disclose this circumstance. Unfortunately, I was castigated by individuals within my sphere of influence, by an incessant environment that has a deep hatred for a man millions of Americans have placed their trust - to end destructive policies that have excoriated democratic principles assembled in the Constitution.

 It is apparent by any intelligent observer, a clandestine conglomerate has formulated a cabal to disseminate fraudulent stories of intrigue that have no basis in truth. As an American born in Havana, I have no affinity to embrace the Russian government establishment as their past history in which my family and many others were affected, were best known by their efforts in supporting a Cuban dictator and the proliferation of communism within the island and around the world. With that said, the reports of a collaboration with the Russians and the current administration before and after the 2016 General Election in efforts to control the outcome, has no basis in fact. Notwithstanding, the disclosures revealed during the past year has been monumental in its discovery of corruption of powerful elite entities in their pursuit of oppression. This can be considered one of the main reasons the opposition party nominee and its supporters were defeated for higher office last November.

 If I was to advise the 45th President, I would humbly voice my concerns by depleting the resources of powerful sources eager to destabilize the current government by attempts to disseminate false diatribes and the blockage of legislation. The newest promised version to 'repeal and replace' the Affordable Care Act has alarmed members of Congress, their constituents and informed Americans by its contents. Additional costs in premiums and the loss of health insurance for millions currently enrolled, offers a glimpse of ineptitude in which 'history repeats itself' or the newest ironic quote by the House Minority Leader 'we need to know what's in the health care bill before we pass it'. Many of us remember the quote that continues to invigorate our thought processes when 'we have to pass the bill so you can find out what's in it'. I'm beginning to wonder if a new musical version of LA LA LAND can be composed in which leaders of both parties can dance through the halls of Congress and sing the praises of a heath care bill that does not offer health care! This scene might restore the concept and processing of health insurance in the hands of the free marketplace - where it belongs!
While America has its problems, many of us are confident the future still offers hope for a nation once considered in decline. The approach by those 'outside' of government and the steadfast will of the American people to end corruption and dishonesty, is the saving grace of the republic. Our legislators need to comprehend the truth is the only measure which reveals one's character. Without it, their empty speeches have no value while their lives have no substance.

This Lent, let's do our part in becoming a better person by allowing our hearts the freedom to appreciate the compassion, respect and integrity bestowed by caring Americans in our lives.

Thanks again for your continuous support.

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