March 13th, 2022 9:45 AM

Dear Friends,

I truly imagine that many discerning, law abiding, and God-fearing individuals are saddened by the state of this nation and the world today. It is difficult to watch the graphic devastation of the Russian - Ukraine conflict, broadcast live on television or on the internet - every day. The senseless killing of children, their loving parents and families is a crime that has no rational explanation, as pure evil by an overwhelming force permeates this land. The political ideologies that have created a death spiral around the world, continues to be revealed, as this war desecrates the human values and virtues that provide healing and peace in our lives.

Here in America, there are so many problems that have occurred in just a short period of time. A deluge of despondency and depression has arisen due to circumstances attributed to government policies with the assistance of media conglomerates. The plain and unvarnished truth is no longer respected. Deception and misleading attempts to hide the scorn of incompetence and vacuous.political doctrines has a new adjective, as 'gaslighting' is the newest adjective or definition of cognitive dissonance. When bureaucrats mention that gas prices began its rise due to the Russian - Ukraine conflict only 3 weeks ago, this is not true. On January 20th, 2021, was the official day inflation began its surge to levels not seen in 40 years! Gas and food prices along with other commodities have skyrocketed to extremes that have harmed the American people. 

The freedom of speech, assembly and other civil rights that exemplifies the divine liberties embraced in the Constitution, are gradually forfeiting its ethical components. Leftist theories of governance and control of the American population by all means necessary, have excoriated the pristine values of democratic constitutional principles by the encroachment of thought and works that elevate the human condition of liberty. The past several years has manifested  illogical and abusive attempts to control every aspect of American life, by an overwhelming force and/or presence that lacks the respect of one's dignity. 

The loss of America's stature as a force for good, has emboldened governments around the world to elevate their plans to further their interests by repression. The circumstances that led to the situations in both Afghanistan and Ukraine, are examples when 'Peace Through Strength'  is no longer viewed by enemies as a concept that terminates their desires for conquest.

The Coronavirus that was discovered over 2 years ago, has damaged any semblance of peace, as fear has trampled one's capacity to live life in confidence. The deaths, the lock downs, the vaccine aftereffects and the entire maelstrom of persecution, has tormented the human spirit by powerful forces seeking the eradication of Western civilization.

How does one in their own way, end the madness and the evil that occupies the minds of powerful individuals and entities that no longer care for the humane health and welfare of the world? The simple and encouraging answer is found in the power of prayer. 'In God We Trust' is emblazoned in currency, government buildings and throughout the entire nation and is known worldwide by its truthful message. When we pray, the overwhelming stress one may have dissipates, as Our Dear Lord provides the calm and the path to end one's anxieties. With everything that has happened during the past several years, it's best to pray. The answer to banish our pain and suffering is forthcoming, as God in His infinite Wisdom will answer our prayers.

Thanks again for your continuous support - during these challenging times in America - a nation under siege.

Be unafraid and courageous. God almighty is with you.

Posted by Jesse Dorado on March 13th, 2022 9:45 AMPost a Comment

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