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 JOE & BERNIE is not a sitcom or a play that has similarities to The Odd Couple. They're not Muppet characters either. Both septuagenarians are seeking the Democratic Party's approval to be the Presidential nominee in the General Election. These men have slightly conflicting opinions on issues in which all Americans have tremendous concerns on how to find solutions. After the Super Tuesday primaries a few days ago, the former Vice President and current Vermont Senator are now in a 2 man race, as their rivals have either suspended their campaigns or are no longer viewed as a threat to their influence. The fascination of pundits, 'establishment' party members and JOE'S supporters, was his ability to win a majority of the primary contests when he was excoriated as a candidate floundering towards internment only 7 days ago! BERNIE lost momentum from his previous primary wins and suffered a major setback when he lost the Tuesday contests by wide margins.

 As a theory, politics can be construed as a game or an activity in establishing or determining a winner in policies that have merit or lack thereof. Concurrently, politics can also be considered a peripatetic excursion into an abyss, as politicians are known to have an ailment in which the affliction is to speak out of both sides of one's mouth. While this affliction occurs often, Americans that are gifted with a sagacious nature, fully understand and have come to realize the shortcomings of those unable to tell the truth. When false optimism, incompetence or attempts to mislead are abruptly revealed by the electorate, politicians tend to squirm and deny their speech patterns as an error to be forgiven. Their behavior as petulant children, is a sign of a politician's capacity for performances similar to a level of recognition as winning an Academy Award for Best Actor or Best Actress in a Drama that affects the entire universe.


Forgive my digression, as both JOE & BERNIE are promoting policies that run contrary to one's understanding of logic or common sense. By raising taxes to pay for health care that destroys the current system or by allowing the surge of migrants without legal documentation at our borders or the sanctioning of abortion by terminating the human rights of the unborn or the approval of a Green New Deal that allows the complete demolition of the free market system or the abandonment of reason by embracing Socialist and/or Communist ideals in which the government has the ultimate power to control all aspects of one's life and oppressive taxes that are misconstrued as the solution to have everything for free under the sun. Freedom is not free. Socialism or Communism never works and is oppressive. 

I do not want to disparage either JOE or BERNIE as my sober and succinct observations are serious, as one of these men will have the power to affect our lives. Unfortunately, JOE has suffered greatly from an accumulation of forgetfulness that can be considered a plight of dementia. I mentioned his torment in a previous post months ago. Moreover, he is unable to speak in a focused manner as his delivery lacks a modicum of reality. There are times JOE has not remembered the government position he's running for and has difficulty in remembering the state or the locale he is in. A President has tremendous responsibilities, as his mental faculties must not be subject to chronic confusion on a personal level or by an entire country.


In regards to BERNIE, his proposals to tax and spend America towards oblivion in order to solve the assumed inequities of a maligned society - this will destroy the essence of a democratic republic and the functions of capitalism that incorporates the sacrosanct liberty and freedoms we profoundly respect. When Trillions upon Trillions of dollars are proposed to solve a problem, the oppressive control of our lives becomes the consequence. When this man looks kindly on policies of a Communist nation located 90 miles from Florida, his intelligence and veracity is no longer credible. I've mentioned this many times before. As an American born In Cuba, my family and numerous Cubans have suffered the inhumanity of Communism. The other day in an interview, BERNIE elevated the memory of Fidel Castro as an inspiration by devising a health care system and educational program that he believes is noteworthy. I must categorically state, that anything Communism promulgates, is morally offensive. Castro's regime has caused the deaths of Cubans that love liberty and democratic values. This is true and without question.

The Democratic Party through the votes of misinformed party registrants, will decide in upcoming primary elections if JOE or BERNIE have the ability to represent their interests in the General Election. We will know soon enough. My humble spirit however, must mention that we as a nation are caregivers. As caregivers we can provide the comfort one needs to live without stress or impediments. Old age has its drawbacks. BERNIE suffered a heart attack some time ago. Notwithstanding, one would assume that JOE & BERNIE have acquired the virtue of wisdom. As a humble observer of human nature, this has not occurred. JOE & BERNIE need rest - and an 'intervention' - by those that duly care about their mental and physical health.

This post is just one of several that will explore the challenges of living in a society where there are many inhabitants that have succumbed to living a life - that lacks discernment and compassion - when the truth is revealed.

Thanks again for your continuous support.

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