August 16th, 2017 1:40 PM

Dear Friends,
Throughout my life, I've had unique moments where I was compelled to find a secluded location where I would have the ability to devote my time for prayer. On a continuous basis whether at home or church, I will pray to overcome all manifestations of evil that I may encounter, ask for forgiveness when I confronted others unfairly or request favorable outcomes for those in need of fulfillment.
As a boy I suffered from a medical ailment and I wept uncontrollably for the Good Lord to heal my affliction. After 13 years of devout petition, my prayers were answered at 19 years of age.
When I was separated from my parents due to the despotism that engulfed Cuba, my brothers and I left the island in April of 1962. We were then reunited with our parents 52 months later in August of 1966. My prayers were answered.
When financial despair devastated my ability to generate income when I forfeited all my assets in the millions, my prayers to end the continued destruction were answered.
When my dear friends are suffering tumultuous events in their lives, I truly believe my prayers can help alleviate their distress.
Deep in my heart, I knew the presence of my family and friends were with me, as their prayers assisted my ability to endure and overcome the circumstances in which I was
When I view the deep divisions and hatreds that have enveloped America, I pray for the Good Lord to lead us on a path towards peace.

The time has come for this nation to end attempts in sabotaging its future, by the contempt for the values pursued by discerning Americans espoused in the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution.
Concurrently, the Good Lord has blessed America and the world from nuclear conflict, as North Korea has ceased its plans for a missile attack on the island of Guam. At this time, our prayers have been answered.
For many months, everyone who presumes to have 'power' in the government 'establishment', the main street media and other divergent entities in its perceived influence on others, must stop the verbal carnage of hatred and deception that triggers the violence we've seen.
The true and profound 'power of prayer' is the only alternative to overcome evil, when this nation understands that It's Time For Prayer to end a path towards perdition.

Thanks again for your continuous support.

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