July 30th, 2010 12:44 AM

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This Summer I'm discovering my imagination moves full speed ahead once I recognize the speedometer hits 35 miles per hour during rush hour in Los Angeles! While driving, I am capable of simple arithmetic and eating a burrito or a full course dinner with less speed on surface streets! I'm also content to know that I have the ability to sing to my heart's content a number of various verses of 'Nessum Dorma' or to speak a foreign language at 55 miles per hour without interruption! The maneuvers on our freeways in this city continue to resemble an obstacle course or a parking lot, depending on the time of day. Nonetheless, in order to reach one's final destination, a voyage across town can be construed as having similarities to the struggles Columbus might have endured in discovering America! My last stop, was truly towards The Twilight Zone. 

While driving at the posted speed of 35 miles per hour heading to my ultimate destination - POOF - I remembered an old Twilight Zone episode from the early 1960's! Originally broadcast on November 3rd, 1961, the episode entitled 'It's A Good Life', is still considered a classic among many viewers of this television series. While not to be confused with the Frank Capra classic 'It's A Wonderful Life' with Jimmy Stewart and Donna Reed, the interpretation of our lives as art on film has its degrees of reality and pure fiction. The performance and portrayal of the main character, Anthony Fremont by child actor Billy Mumy, offers the viewer a psychological insight to the collective workings of the mind in which the US Government seeks its power and control. While my interpretation of its effects may be considered totally out of context and irrelevant for some, my intuition tells me otherwise.

The story revolves around a boy in a small midwestern town. He had the illustrious ability to read minds of all the towns folk and even his parents! This mischievous 6 year old had the power to cast anyone in a nearby cornfield or even have a person disappear if he was upset or suspected one was harboring disagreeable thoughts! This ritual occurred numerous times as the remaining inhabitants of the dwindling population became facial and mind altering contortionists, in order to live another day! Always smiling and always thinking good thoughts can be a trifle disconcerting for anyone! This youngster was able to turn a neighbor into a Jack In The Box and was able to cease the barking of a beloved pooch by sending Fido to the cornfield by just wishing his troubles away! All the while, the boy's tormented father had no choice but to advise him by saying, 'it's a real good thing you did. A real good thing!

Well, I can just visualize the staff of advisors at a big house located on Pennsylvania Avenue currently advising the main occupant, of all 'the good things' power can create for all Americans. So far there have been so many 'good things' that have come our way, one can only imagine the gargantuan amount of 'good deeds' still awaiting to be appreciated by the townsfolk of roughly 300 million inhabitants. 

It's a real good thing the unemployment rate is at 9.5%

It's a real good thing there are more bankruptcies than ever before

It's a real good thing that foreclosures are at an all time high

It's a real good thing the Federal deficit is in the Trillions with no end in sight

It's a real good thing smaller retail banks are closing at an alarming rate

It's a real good thing that income taxes are scheduled to increase in January

It's a real good thing the US Dollar is losing its value precipitously

It's a real good thing to offer bailouts to banks and big corporations on Wall Street

It's a real good thing to have passed and signed an $870 Billion Stimulus Bill with no discernable results in either employment or the economy at large 

It's a real good thing to have passed and signed legislation for a new bureaucratic Health Care system which offers rationing, higher medical costs and tax payer funded abortion

It's a real good thing to have prolonged the Gulf Of Mexico oil disaster

It's a real good thing the US Government is suing the State Of Arizona and its law abiding citizens

It's a real good thing to have the US Government infiltrate all industries in the private sector in efforts to control our daily lives

It's a real good thing to mislead the American people

I can continue to mention hundreds of 'good things' which has created havoc in our temperament and has derailed our fortunate destinies. There will come a time when many Americans will be banished to the cornfields and disappear altogether. This has begun surreptitiously as many Americans have lost their properties and are no longer living in neighborhoods they once called home. Any intelligent, independent or fair minded American will deem it preferable for petulant children and adolescents to play with toys than with our lives. Our eccentric lawmakers are governing this country into ruin. 

The Twilight Zone episode was first broadcast 49 years ago, almost to the day of the scheduled Mid-Term elections slated for Tuesday, November 2nd. While Anthony had the power and 'wished' everyone he did not like to the cornfields, we as Americans can do the same. It's time to banish any member of Congress of either party to the cornfields! Their disappearance will save this country from a livelihood similar to the pain and suffering of the townspeople in fictional Peaksville, Ohio.  

With all levity aside, members of Congress or those in government are not considered monsters but misguided by several factors in their approach and inability to do the right thing. We as Americans have the power to end this madness once and for all!  It's time to use the power given by the framers of the Constitution, to will this country towards a direction that honors those who sacrificed their lives for our freedom. No stretch of the imagination is immune from the consequences Americans will suffer if victory is not forthcoming. A 49 year old television episode can be considered in some respects, the latest example of fiction becoming reality.

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