July 31st, 2017 1:33 PM

Dear Friends,
For over 7 years MoneyTeam has reviewed international construction joint venture loan requests from all over the world. We have devoted our efforts on several loan transactions we truly believe have considerable merit. The loan amounts for these requests are from $25 Million to $650 Million USD. In order for us to represent our clients, we are actively seeking investors and or financial sources eager to assist in funding loans of this magnitude.
Over the years we have encountered sources requesting 'up front' fees for processing and other costs presumably related to fund a transaction in a timely manner. Unfortunately, several of our clients have been defrauded by investors or financial concerns purporting to be a direct source and decision makers on the files submitted for underwriting. The 'due diligence' performed on these various institutions at the time of submission showed there were no inconsistencies with the information or documentation that was provided for review. However, there are financial entities in the financial world that are involved in deception and have no desire to provide the funds for worthwhile humanitarian projects.
In an upcoming post entitled 'The Scammers', I will reveal several of the perpetrators that have destroyed the financial and altruistic dreams of our clients.

Perhaps, this might be considered the best time to ask for your assistance if you are an investor or a financial concern willing to help our clients.
MoneyTeam has several transactions from $25 Million USD up to $650 Million USD to submit.
If you are a bonafide financial concern that has the capacity to provide the funds requested, please send details of your firm to:
Please provide the required information about your company and after verification, you will be contacted as soon as possible.

Thanks again for your continuous support. 

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