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Dear Friends,
It was exactly 18 years ago today when John F Kennedy Jr, his wife and sister-in-law died tragically in a plane crash off Martha's Vineyard. Americans were deeply saddened and distraught once the news was revealed. Even to this day, the disconsolate presence of the Kennedy family, is considered a despondent chapter in American history, as we will never know what our futures could have been.

As a high profile son of an assassinated President, John Jr's death was considered unusual due to specific details gathered by independent sources in reviewing the entire scenario of events. America lost a compassionate and genuine man of substance and character, as it was learned he was contemplating on running for public office. In my humble opinion, John Jr would have been elected President years later, and the destruction of this country by hatred, deception and greed would not have consumed the spirit of a vitriolic faction of the American people since his passing, and by a ravage intensity we have witnessed since the election of the 45th President.

Over the years, I've been approached by individuals in regards to the future of America due to the opinions I've disclosed in the past. My attempts to provide a logical discourse that dwells upon economic, political and spiritual forces are attributed to a discerning understanding of human nature. I do not consider myself a clairvoyant but I am humbled to have the ability to decipher the motives of those in powerful positions, by their attempts to control our destinies through the corruption of their souls.
The American people understand the menacing attributes of the main street media, the government 'establishment' and other aggressive entities eager to devastate the legitimate conservative policies of the current administration. The disrespect associated by these elements, are viewed by a majority of Americans as collaborative attempts to force the ouster of the President from office. This man has been the Chief Executive for less than 6 months and Articles of Impeachment were submitted in the House just a few days ago! We are now reminded of the unsuccessful attempts in 'throwing everything but the kitchen sink' by those unable to accept the outcome of the General Election. 'Collusion' with the Russian government in clandestine efforts to win the election - obstruction of justice in the termination of a government official - the suggestion the President's son was involved in 'treason' when he attended a meeting with a Russian attorney and any benign activity that can be construed as scandal by these forces against the goals of the current government, will never be viewed as an offense by individuals that have acquired a modicum of logic or common sense,
Additional revelations by 'providence' are 'predestined'. This activity will occur when corrupt activities of the opposing party are constantly ignored by media bias and government 'special counsel' investigators. Their steadfast deterioration of logic in utilizing 'double standards' to support criminal activity will backfire. The truth will always be revealed, and the consequences of such actions will be administered at a time chosen by fate.

In My Humble Opinion
I might consider recommending the passage of the current Health Care proposal in Congress - IF - all taxes are eliminated, deductibles and premiums are drastically reduced through its provisions, bare minimum health coverage policies are offered and the ability to purchase policies across state lines are available. I would also need to review the verbiage, as when you're dealing with politicians the veracity of any legislation that is orchestrated must be verified for accuracy and integrity. Moreover, the reduction of Personal and Corporate taxes, the complete review of Immigration policies and the deletion of Regulations that have hampered the growth of business, are solutions to stimulate the nation's economy and requires discipline by legislators for its passage.
The American people have suffered greatly from ineptitude in all capacities of governance during the past 8 years. The American Middle Class was harmed by government policies heralded and implemented by the acceptance of Socialist concepts. Disassembling these beleaguered convictions will take time.
The restoration of free enterprise and the desire for liberty, freedom and the recognition of one's sovereignty were the concerns of Americans during the Presidential campaign. Unfortunately, the obsession by those unable or unwilling to accept opposing views due to their loss in the General Election, has resulted in the development of fantastic scripts embedded in fiction and innuendo. To come across a story in which the General Election was infiltrated by Russian agents with the assistance of the Republican nominee to overturn the fortunes of the opposing candidate, is an attempt to disparage the collective intelligence of the American electorate. The Democratic Party loss their ability to retain its power, as the chronic pain and suffering devastated the 'forgotten' American family for many years. The results of the General Election reenforces this view.

 In regards to the continued nuclear threat imposed by North Korea, America must review the economic alliances this country has with other nations. Economic sanctions must be contemplated and/or imposed on nations aggressively assisting North Korea. This is one approach to consider, as there are diminishing options to resolve this situation from spiraling out of control. I look at China specifically.

Just the other day I went shopping, and it seemed a good percentage of the merchandise of the several stores in which I visited, were made in China. If China's assistance in America's efforts to decrease the stress associated with North Korea's deployment of weapons is in doubt, I would suggest the following:
1. Update guidelines in which the US would impose tariffs on Chinese imports
2. The partial elimination of trade in big ticket items
3. Suggest to the American people to not purchase Chinese products
If this basic policy is implemented, I would hope Chinese diplomats will have no choice but begin negotiations with North Korea to end their hostile attempts towards America and regional nations, and start focusing their future on feeding their citizens. Ironically, this approach can be considered humanitarian, as it is my understanding the population at large are suffering from rampant starvation.
For many years Americans have purchased products from China due to lower prices.
 Are we to lose our lives or those of our allies for the sake of a bargain?

My hope for a peaceful existence in all interactions, is a goal that will never end.
In regards to this post, I'm content that I have the ability and the freedom to voice
my humble opinion.

Thanks again for your continuous support.

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