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Dear Friends,

You may have heard of the expression that 'God Is In Control' of everything that we do and encounter in our lives. I am of the humble opinion this is true, when we are able to review the fascinating intrigue that continues to occur in government. In regards to the alleged scandal of Russian interference in the 2016 General Election, when the Special Counsel in his Report mentions there is no evidence of collusion or obstruction of justice by the President and his campaign, I agree wholeheartedly with his conclusions. The Attorney General has written a basic synopsis of the Special Counsel's Report that mentions a similar understanding of his findings.

Just the other day the Special Counsel felt compelled to face the nation by addressing the American people. His inability to find any evidence that the President did not obstruct justice was correct. However, he emphasized that if evidence of wrongdoing was discovered, he would be unable to pursue this course of action due to a legal opinion which states that a President is unable to be indicted for a crime once in office. This is my understanding of what he said. Notwithstanding, the Special Counsel unwittingly implied that a crime may have been committed, and the only method to follow through is for Congress to seek Impeachment proceedings against the President.

Any discerning individual that viewed the Special Counsel's performance, would have come to the realization that he was harming and abusing the universal tenets of American jurisprudence in which anyone under scrutiny is considered innocent in a court of law. When innuendo is considered the basis of determining one's innocence, the rule of law no longer exists.

The 2016 General Election is considered one of the most important elections this country has ever had. Since November of 2016, the American people have come to fully understand the corruption that exists within the higher echelons of the law enforcement community and the absence of impartiality of the main street media. The infiltration of Socialists, Marxists and even Communists in the US Government has been revealed by the current crop of 2020 Democratic Presidential candidates, the news media, the 'deep state' cabal of power and business entities willing to destroy the current government administration and its duly elected President. The continued attempt to dismantle the tenets of the US Constitution by leftist advocates, is the danger this nation faces. All of this activity has occurred and has been revealed by Divine Intervention.

The loss of the House of Representatives by the Republicans in 2018, has given the American people an education, whereby radical proponents of pure insurrection of Constitutional ideals continues its contempt for the rule of law. The Good Lord has pre-determined and has allowed the loss of this chamber of Congress, and in so doing with His assistance, has given the American people the opportunity to disclose the various personalities and institutions that will be hampered by the accusation of treason in the near future. Both political parties, their supporters and various entities are involved in this operation. After 2 years of unsubstantiated claims of Russian collusion and/or obstruction of justice by the President or his campaign, we are now entering the world of mental affliction. This occurrence is when the opposition political party considers its plan to assemble Articles of Impeachment, due to the Special Counsel's prodding at his 'news conference', even though there is no viable evidence to convict. The Special Counsel read his statement verbatim and had the countenance and the vocal disposition of a man suffering tremendous stress. His delivery and the verbiage he used, demonstrated a noticeable bias reinforced by the timing of his announcement that provided the opposition party its impetus to Impeach the President.

I'm not a Republican nor a registered member of the Democratic Party. As an Independent, I fully embrace the ability to decipher the extraordinary measures the 'establishment' of either party has in their quest for power. Anyone that has an affinity for Socialist ideals or clandestine deception of the American people, must be defeated. This advice I offer freely. As I've mentioned on several occasions in the past, we live in dangerous times. We have until November 2020 to decide our destiny, as the 'unmasking' of those eager to destroy America continues to be disclosed. God willing, our decision to live in harmony with principles embodied in the Constitution, will save us all.

Prayer For The President

On Sunday, June 2nd, Reverend Franklin Graham has asked all Americans to pray for the President. The chronic attempts to destroy this man, his administration and his beloved family must come to an end. Our sincere thoughts and prayers to eliminate the divisions this country faces is genuine. May God in His infinite wisdom continue to bless America.

Thanks again for your continuous support.

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