February 28th, 2019 5:55 PM

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Johnny Cash was remembered last Tuesday, as this would have been his 87th birthday! Johnny was born on February 26th, 1932 and many of his admirers and fans for many years miss his profound voice and the passion he revealed in his performances. He was called Home on September 12th, 2003. Even though his physical presence is no longer with us, everyone that loved his music and knew him well, will be excited to know that Johnny has continued entertaining the fortunate souls residing in Heaven! Johnny's spiritual dimensions are exhibited here on Earth, by the volume of his vast recordings one can find throughout all media resources.

Johnny came to mind just a few days ago when I was seeking to be entertained, once again, by Detective Columbo, as portrayed by actor Peter Falk. The television series 'Columbo' was truly one of my favorite shows! I still revisit the episodes from the 1970's now and then.

My favorite show from the series is titled 'Swan Song' that was broadcast in 1974. Johnny was depicted as gospel singer Tommy Brown, eager to murder his wife by planning an airplane accident. His wife controlled the purse strings and he was unable to cope without the control of his concert earnings. Ida Lupino portrayed his wife, and her character was very convincing by her fervent attempts to obliterate his wicked tendencies. There was no love in this relationship as she also blackmailed him due to his proclivities with an underage singer, and would have advised the authorities if he absconded with the concert earnings earmarked for the construction of a temple. The plane crash also killed the teenage backup singer that he abused.

In Scripture we come to the realization the love of money is the root of all evil. This episode provides the plot that ends in disastrous consequences. When Detective Columbo ascertains the meticulous planning and motive that was orchestrated in this crime, we are reminded of how evil can destroy lives. Both characters, gospel singer Tommy Brown and his wife have succumbed to the villainous and nefarious actions that led to their demise.

This episode had a wonderful gospel rendition by Johnny along with backup singers that prominently included Ida Lupino.  My fascination with the vocals and the hand gestures displayed when "I Saw The Light" performed, brought me to the realization this short and basic musical production will always be remembered. It is my understanding 'Swan Song'  first aired on March 3rd, 1974 - almost 45 Years Ago! 

The three main actors in this episode are no longer with us. Perhaps this chapter of a television series has helped us recognize that we must 'See The Light' in a world where darkness prevails.

Thanks again for your continuous support.

I Saw The Light - Performance

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I Saw The Light - Columbo

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