October 28th, 2022 8:34 AM

Dear Friends,

Halloween has arrived! The celebration officially is recognized and celebrated this coming Monday, October 31st but many children and even adults will be 'trick or treating' this entire weekend! Regrettably with the current atmosphere that has infiltrated America, it's best to keep a sharp eye on your children as they walk through neighborhoods in seeking candy from everyone they come in contact with. At the parish I attend for church services, the weekly newsletter recommends parishioners to follow several safety tips for parents to have a safe and happy excursion with children on Halloween. I am sharing their concerns from the bulletin and the website as it offers precautions that will help preserve fun memories.

1. Check costumes for safety   2. Be sure the costumes fit well and will not cause the child to trip when walking.   3. Consider adding reflective tape to costumes, shoes, trick or treat bags, so children can be seen easier in the dark. This is important as there are neighborhoods that have dim or lack streetlights.   4. Avoid sharp, long or dangerous costume accessories like swords and canes.   5. Check all the candy your children were given, before consuming. This recommendation is mandatory, as one might find razor blades, pins and even drugs! There have been reports from integrity-based news sources that fentanyl has been doctored to look like candy by changing its form, adding bright colors and placing the drug in candy boxes. This drug has killed many youngsters throughout the country and as a parent, it is incumbent upon you to take the time and methodically inspect the candy that was given. If you have suspicions with regards to the candy received by your children, throw the candy out immediately and/or call the police if there are dangerous unknown ingredients that were found when the candy was looked over. Do your best to remember the neighborhood where the children received their candy if this situation arises.

There is a website that offers additional recommendations. Please check and search HALLOWEEN for safety tips that will help you overcome any distress you might have, to make Halloween an enjoyable memory for you and your beloved children.

Thanks again for your continuous support - during these challenging times in America - a nation under siege.

Be unafraid and courageous. God almighty is with you.

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