April 19th, 2008 12:29 AM

Happy 81st Birthday Pope Benedict XVI!!!

Dear Friends,

I do my best to be an impartial observer of mortgage industry matters. To this end, I rarely if ever mention religion or politics in my discussions on our TEAMBLOG. However, I am compelled to devote my thoughts to a special visitor - Pope Benedict XVI. His arrival in America has created a groundswell of hope in the human spirit. He has electrified the population for his articulate and uplifting words of compassion and promise. He has also resurrected the ideals of the Founding Fathers by reminding us of the important responsibilities that freedom embodies in our daily lives. Freedom is the main ingredient that catapults our thoughts to a philosophy of caring for others and easing the burdens of despair many Americans experience today. In his opening remarks at the White House on Wednesday, he mentioned 'freedom is not only a gift, but also a summons to personal responsibility'. The Pontiff also mentioned 'the preservation of freedom calls for the cultivation of virtue, self-discipline, sacrifice for the common good and a sense of responsibility towards the less fortunate.'

If we are to be brutally honest about the condition of America at this time, many of our leaders and those we are in contact with in our daily lives, harbor 'unrecognizable temperaments' which have created a maelstrom of irresponsibility, distrust, vengeance and hostility. These current traits have permeated the soul of this great nation by gradually usurping the goodwill and sacrifices of previous generations and employing 'philosophies of disturbance' where its main goal is to repudiate all of America's foundations.

The pain associated with the current mortgage mess, created by a vapid desire of greed among other factors and the disintegration of our culture, where immorality is perceived as a triumph of the human condition - these are just a few of the numerous signs of decline in our Republic. Anyone who has been alive for the past 50 years, knows the fundamentals of American society are  diminishing.

While these observations are depressing, America's special visitor from Rome has provided energy and vision for us all. He has reminded us of the great and sustaining ideals America has been known for.


Saturday will be the 3rd Anniversary of Benedict's elevation as Pope. Since becoming Pontiff, he has impressed many by his intelligent and thought provoking dialogues. Benedict's thoughts are respected and eagerly awaited due to his INTEGRITY. Unfortunately, in America today, a leader of such magnitude and conviction is nowhere to be found. With this in mind, let's hope for the best.

Thanks Again 


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