August 14th, 2020 7:35 AM

Dear Friends,

I truly want to thank everyone that has viewed and appreciated the numerous posts written in regards to the concerns that I have - for the preservation of America. It is unfortunate that during the past several months contents of this blog have been censored, as the truth is no longer recognized as sacred in a nation where freedom of speech is presumed to be a right enshrined in the Constitution. What is happening in this country is disconcerting, as our basic human rights are under attack by a consortium of groups or entities eager to dismantle democratic values and principles.

Notwithstanding, a sense of gratitude has always been a factor on how I encounter the various challenges, transgressions and victories that have shaped my character throughout my life. I am grateful for the men and women that assisted our family by escaping Communist Cuba almost 60 years ago. I am grateful for obtaining an education in which the Socratic method was utilized for understanding. I am grateful to be self employed in a business that I truly enjoy. I am grateful that I have family and friends that have shown their love and respect - many times unconditionally. I am also gratefully blessed to have the freedom to worship the Lord Our God without impediments.

At my age, I've been involved in a good number of experiences that have created a profound understanding of human nature. Over the years, and now more than ever, I've noticed devastating mental afflictions that have injured the souls of those lost in darkness of their own making. I'm grateful that I have not surrendered my convictions in a world full of hatred and contempt for diverging views, or paths that leads to logic, reason and the truth. In prayer, I seek wisdom in decisions that I must make to reach my destination without conflict.

The pandemic, the horrific death in Minneapolis, the riots, killings and the desecration of America's culture have tormented this nation due to Satanic attacks that never ends. On a political level, the false impeachment and the coup attempt on the Chief Executive has compromised this government by its revelations. The main street media has strayed from its obligation as an entity devoted to integrity in its reporting, while Socialists, Marxists and Communists plunge America towards perdition. Moreover, law enforcement is a necessity to overcome evil wherever it permeates. America's assumed compassionate character is unraveling when precious lives are exterminated before birth, and by the violence perpetrated on innocent law abiding, discerning citizens.

Dear friends, America will know on Tuesday, November 3rd if the gratitude that I and millions throughout the country have known will be remembered as a profound testament of a bygone era, or a divine continuation of God's blessings. From this day forward, I will live as though the gratitude I have received and witnessed in life will either end in a few short months, or prosper for another 4 years. I pray that America will fully appreciate the virtue of gratitude, in all of our lives.

Thanks again for your continuous support and gratitude during these challenging times in America.

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