April 2nd, 2016 1:45 PM

Dear Friends,
In many ways I am counting my blessings as my passion for the TeamBlog has been noticed by thousands of Americans. The Blog began almost 9 years ago and there has been a momentous change in the topics explored on an intelligent, discerning level.
 While I am grateful for the exposure of my thoughts and observations, I am saddened by the pain many Americans have suffered by policies that are prescribed to torment and demolish the confidence in one's ability to be independent. The most powerful nation on Earth has its detractors, but to have our own government, media and big business assert a philosophy where acquiring wealth by any means is the main function of a democratic republic, this is a derogatory concept that belittles our civil liberties.
If you are a loyal follower of the TeamBlog, you may have come to the conclusion my remarks towards those in authority can be perceived as chronically disparaging or have a tinge of bitterness when I speak of the current plight of American society. This perception was never intended to be this way, as I'm confident the 'darkness' that has manifested in America will eventually come to pass. However, those in high positions of power eager to gain our trust through previous election cycles and the policies devised to help Americans secure a permanent lifestyle devoid of instability in income or crime, has been dealt a blow by a large measure, as the value of integrity has been lost.
The inability to comprehend the deleterious change which has gradually surrendered the natural optimism of this nation, the inherent common sense that no longer is utilized to solve even the most menial of problems and the lack of moral substance or the disrespect of its citizens by those in authority, are just several of the sad chapters of America's plight towards apostasy.
Many of us seek to compliment others for a job well done, offer a word of kindness or a smile to lift one's countenance during the day. This is how many of us strive to live while surviving under a cloud of disharmony. While we appreciate others for their presence in our lives, we are able to lift our spirits when we recognize their contributions.

The current strife in our political system has created an environment that resembles graphic novel accounts of discord similar to a mental institution. Both political parties have allowed deeply flawed individuals the opportunity to wield the illness of their characters by manifesting disturbing behaviors, recognized as a basic form of cognitive dementia. The main challenge sane and discerning Americans have during this primary discourse, is to fully appreciate the capacity to view and extract the truth from powerful sources seeking to deceive the American public. Unfortunately, we are living in a time when many individuals in this country lack the simple judgement, intelligence or the ability to distinguish the truth when it's right in front of them.
Wisdom is a process that takes time to manifest through genuine benevolent accomplishments, profound life changing circumstances and intense trials of adversity.
When we have individuals promoting socialism as a cure for economic uncertainties or have a documented history of scandal, incompetence and lack of integrity at every turn, or the chronic contempt for opponents through a malady of arrogance, the choices to advance the future of America for our children and ourselves is bleak indeed.

As Americans that truly love this country, we must rise and 'take the bull by the horns' as this nation is drifting towards perdition. To be silent when 'all hell is breaking loose' is a method that allows our destruction. Frankly, it is unbelievable that we have citizens in the millions willing to cast their ballots for flawed powerful forces that have no respect for tradition, the US Constitution, the rule of law or even for themselves. The time has come to educate the electorate of the struggles to overcome the corrupt power structure known as the 'establishment'.
This is an undertaking that takes stamina, courage and perseverance. When you have the influential bias of the main street media, the corruption of big business through crony capitalism and politicians rewarded for their dishonest efforts by becoming compensated for actions that run contrary to the requests of their constituents, the time has come to take action.
What we are witnessing today, is a depressed nation exhausted in battle. The war against those seeking a 'transformation' of America towards 'democratic socialism' - never sanctioned by real and true Americans - can only be won by vigorous concerted attempts to reveal its deception and destructive practices of enslavement. The concept of 'political correctness' has gone amok, as it stifles the ability to speak one's mind without oppression or impediments.

America's future is truly in the hands of those who appreciate and embrace freedom.
The death of America or the path towards Providence,
 will be known Tuesday, November 8th, 2016.

Thanks again for your continuous support.

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