November 11th, 2013 5:05 PM

Dear Friends,

I noticed the skies are not cloudy, the sun has made its presence, the birds are chirping near my bedroom window, a butterfly graced my personal space as I walked outdoors and there are no man made sounds to distract my senses. There were no helicopters swirling overhead nor the sound of aircraft engines from a distance or sirens blaring from afar. What a wonderful day! Unfortunately reality sets in and my euphoria comes crashing down once the telephone rings with demanding news or when a problem ceases to solve itself, whether it be a personal or public matter that needs attention. There are days I retreat from the world and decide it is the best course of action to be in solitude. To be alone as an escape from the rat race, by living in an environment where the purpose of a select group of its inhabitants is to make sane, intelligent and loving individuals miserable.

Sometimes I just close my eyes and dream of a life where I could travel all around the world and meet the most inspiringly wonderful and loving people as my travel guides, showing me everything that is good and wholesome about their town and their country. Whether it be their impressive architecture, art, music, theater, food, books, spirituality, natural wonders, indigenous plants and animals or a multitude of examples where friends, families and neighbors live in harmony, my dream, sad to say, rarely comes to fruition. While my flight of fantasy is a difficult endeavor in real life, I am clearly able to look beyond the impossible, by embracing the good news and accomplishments of righteous souls during their trials in a broken world. Technology has advanced the ability for all nations to recognize one's similarities as well as shortcomings in a genuine desire to better the human condition.

While here in the US we are experiencing the deleterious effects of a decline in integrity and the values that sustain it, this sad episode in American history will eventually come to pass. There will be an 'Epiphany' of sorts where one's approach in living a meaningful and substantial life is the only option for survival. As you know, Pastor Billy Graham celebrated his 95th birthday last Thursday, November 7th. Of all the men that have graced this nation and the world with his eloquence and messages of wisdom, Billy Graham truly understands and sees the advancement of judgement where the end of the age is closer than at any time in recorded history. While this event is scheduled for a time not of of our own choosing, many faithful members of this great nation and friends I know personally, are living resourceful and Scripture inspired lives. Without a doubt, many of these humble Americans are scattered in villages, towns and cities in all 50 states and in all demographics. During the past 5 or 6 years, the chronic and exhaustive approach to living by crisis upon crisis, has tried the patience of those that have suffered the wrath of inequity. Certainly this is no way to exist and changes in this mode of living are due for correction.

Today is Veterans Day as we remember the grand sacrifices of those that have fought for our freedoms. I have noticed there are more homeless Veterans living a life of neglect throughout the city of Los Angeles. One of the main priorities of any government is to accommodate those that have fought our battles and to prevent the onslaught of hatred from entering our shores. It is imperative to help all Veterans alleviate the health challenges which include physical and mental suffering, most notably PTSD or Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. When a Veteran comes homes from active duty with the loss of a limb or any other affliction, this permanent remembrance is an aspect of war which needs our utmost attention and our loving compassion. Instead of devoting funds to other causes that are completely detrimental to the economy or the security of this nation, it is imperative our tax dollars should be spent on American citizens that have sacrificed their futures for our lives.

I went to Church this afternoon to give my solemn respect for all of America's Veterans. Those in attendance at the closing of mass felt compelled to sing 'God Bless America'. When you love your country and fully appreciate the bountiful opportunity America offers, my time and that of others was well spent giving thanks...again.

May God Continue To Bless America

Thanks Again

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