November 26th, 2010 6:09 PM

Dear Friends,

The holiday ritual of Thanksgiving was officially celebrated yesterday. Many of us were fortunate to have the opportunity to dine with our beloved family and friends. This tradition, older than the republic itself, reminds us all of the graces we have been afforded, in a nation where freedoms and liberties are the bedrock principles garnered from Judeo-Christian concepts. Thanksgiving therefore, is a day in which we are given the time to reflect and acknowledge that America allows all of its citizens the capabilities to make a difference and the ability to fulfill one's dreams.

It is appropriate to mention however, during this time in America's history, there has been a noticeable gradual shift, in which there are circumstances where basic liberties and freedoms have been subtly interrupted by powerful forces. To take for granted the riches of democracy can only lead to its forfeiture. This Thanksgiving weekend, we can make a serious attempt to fully grasp the origins of America's bounty and goodwill through the sacrifices of so many.

MoneyTeam Offers To Give Thanks

The economic problems many Americans face this Holiday weekend can be considered insurmountable. I have spoken to many previous and current clients, acquaintances and friends regarding their financial situation. The loss of a home, the filing of a bankruptcy, continual attempts of those seeking loan modifications by insincere and incompetent banks or financial institutions and the lack of true compassion by those in power, has compelled me to offer a temporary solution.

To help alleviate the sadness and depression one can experience during this Holiday season, we have decided to ask for donations. These funds will be earmarked to help those unable to pay a mortgage - to stave off a foreclosure or a trustee sale - to help those in need of monies to seek professional guidance in order to save one's home - to find housing once all remedies are no longer available. Moreover, we will provide funds for clothing and groceries.

Many of you that have read our TeamBlog over the years can fully appreciate our dedication for seeking the truth in all matters. Whether it be real estate, mortgages or the human condition, our voice is heard by many around the world as our TeamBlog has secured a substantial and regular readership in the thousands. The pain and suffering of our neighbors and families must be addressed. The time has come for all of us to help those in need by giving thanks.

Please send your donations of any amount to be received no later than Friday, December 31st to:


5482 Wilshire Blvd. #1508 Los Angeles, CA. 90036

All donations will be documented in full and upcoming TeamBlogs will highlight stories of those receiving your generous gifts. May the Good Lord Richly Bless You, Your Family & Friends.

UPDATE - 12/8/10 - As of today we are in need of your donations to help those unable to help themselves. Please be so kind to send what you can. Thank You.

Team Tot Toy Drive

MoneyTeam's 11th Annual Team Tot Toy Drive begins on Tuesday, November 30th. We will collect any new unwrapped toy for disadvantaged and hospitalized children in the Los Angeles area. Please have your toy ready for pickup no later than Monday, December 20th. Call our office at any time for scheduling by calling 323-936-3232. The reward of a youngster's smile is truly a sight to behold!

Thanks Again       

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