May 12th, 2021 3:08 PM

Dear Friends,

I was mentally exhausted in hearing of the unrelenting attacks on one's sanity that has prevailed in America today - by radical elements that have stormed this nation towards its downfall. America's enemies - foreign and domestic - are sitting back and enjoying the self-destruction of a nation once respected for the attainment of liberty, freedom and common sense. While this situation continues unabated, I decided to lift my spirits in viewing nostalgic game shows as an escape from the mental afflictions of public figures and their supporters.

I needed to hear myself laugh again, as this feature of my life has been dormant for a long time. For many in my family and dearest friends, they've become accustomed to my wit and jovial displays of comic relief throughout the years. I was known to have a most boisterous laugh that could be heard many miles away! Those days of my wild streak as an undergrad have come and gone. Nevertheless, I'm lucky to have sustained and continue to possess a sense of humor, under the most extreme circumstances that have befallen my surroundings. The sadness, suffering and evil that has pervaded America and close to home here in California, has greatly affected my disposition. While this is true, an escape in spending time on my laptop and viewing favorite game shows, has lifted my spirits as I've turned back the clock in being the amiable, easygoing fellow I once knew!

There are several game shows that I truly love! The Match Game from 1973 through 1979 continues to have me laughing uproariously, as the recurring cast of celebrities on the show are out of this world! The host of the show was Gene Rayburn and had a cast of characters that included Charles Nelson Reilly, Brett Somers, Richard Dawson, Betty White among others. Their witty responses to questions gave this show the laughs we all need for sustaining our mental health. Of all the comedians, I would have to say that Charles was indeed my favorite! 

Another game show that kept me laughing was The Hollywood Squares. Paul Lynde is hysterical as his one liners was full of double entendres that were too suggestive in its elevation and/or portrayal of one's indulgence. Nonetheless, he was a wizard in his ability to come up with answers to the questions asked by host Peter Marshall at a moment's notice.

The last game show I'll mention - there are just too many - is The Price Is Right. There were so many contestants that had a real life optimism in their offers on merchandise that you were hoping they would win at every turn. There were moments that were so funny, I cried laughing! I was in the audience in June of 2007 with my friends, as this was the last Price Is Right with Bob Barker as the host. I'll always remember we waited overnight to gain entry to the studio, as the line to enter was around the block. I wrote about the experience in one of the first posts that I've ever written. I watched The Price Is Right almost religiously throughout the years and the show kept me entertained, as I enjoyed guessing the price of everything that was displayed. Even to this day, I review the cost of any goods that I intend to purchase and seek bargains on.

Below, please check some of the compilations of the shows I mentioned. And let's not lose our sense of humor, as the Satanic attacks on discerning Americans must never become a reality. 

Thanks again for your continuous support - during these challenging times in America - a nation under siege.

Match Game 75

The Hollywood Squares

The Price Is Right

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