March 5th, 2009 11:12 PM

Dear Friends,

A Depression in America is looming around the corner unless common sense and fiscal restraint is resurrected as the actions required to avert the inevitable. The lawmakers elected to represent our interests in Washington have abandoned logical historical precepts towards a disturbing, inept philosophy of spending beyond abandon. These actions and the predilections of those eager to harm the interests of all Americans, is generating fear, dismay and lack of confidence in regards to our governments' competence in its decisions to stem the tide to safeguard our financial futures. We now have a philosophy where spending trillions upon trillions to jumpstart a failing economy and plans to increase taxes in efforts to improve revenue, has become a reckless prescription for disaster. A prolonged financial strife and the probability of a nationwide bankruptcy awaits us, unless the courageous voices throughout America begin to channel their discontent towards the budget and the hierarchy of those individuals originating its approval and passage. The consequence of misguided actions of our lawmakers portends the demise of America as a powerful and distinct economic power for generations to come.

We are again at a crossroads where political theater and maneuvering of others for control of the machinations of government and its people, is the top priority by those eager for victory at all costs to the detriment of all Americans. There are forces in this country seeking the destruction of capitalism. Attempts to forcefully debate discredited economic concepts to garner favor amongst the electorate, has promoted instability in the marketplace. Whether this active mindset is a result of intentional actions or ill informed advice, the consequences are noteworthy.

The After Effects

Unemployment has risen steadily

The stock market continues its decline

Foreclosures are at record levels

Thoughts of nationalizing our banking institutions is being discussed

The loss of savings in all financial instruments has diminished our retirements plans and futures

The derailment of the auto industry

The rise in personal and business bankruptcies continue unabated

The list continues as we are now at the mercy of lawmakers and the upper echelons of government by daily speeches fomenting fear by continued reminders of crisis and catastrophe at every turn, in a strange attempt to reassure the American people there's 'light at the end of the tunnel'. These personalities in government are unable to provide the comfort or the peace of mind Americans long for, as their past history in the private or public sector has revealed a questionable disregard for honesty and integrity in financial matters.

Millions are now suffering the effects of egregious consequences of government intervention in the mortgage industry or the lack thereof and the orchestrated tinkering of the free market system. In concert with the corruption manifested by corporate giants on Wall Street, the burdens heretofore experienced by Americans can be considered a rush towards insurrection similar to the days of protest under King George during the fight for independence by the 13 colonies. 'Taxation without representation' was the slogan and the theme which united Americans in their efforts to end British tyranny. Perhaps the time has come for Americans to raise their voices and concerns once again.

As of late, our blogs can be construed as an element in the continued observance of gloom and doom. Unfortunately, in order to change the direction of this country towards fiscal health and responsibility, facts and figures are reminders which provide the tools needed for logical debate.

Last month, after the rush to vote and pass the 'Stimulus Bill' without reading its contents, Congress has become a body of illiterate members unable or unwilling to use logic as a force for good and no longer consider the wisdom afforded those that have had similar challenges as illustrated in American history. Throughout our journey, immigrants from across the globe sacrificed their lives for freedom by coming to our shores. These individuals possessed a passion and drive to better their station in life for their families by hard work. They also maintained a cohesive and collective respect for each other by displaying a sincere gratitude for the ability to seek the 'American Dream'. The income generated by employing these principles in this manner, is the impetus for the basic rights and freedoms we appreciate today in our daily lives. However, there is a disconnect of sorts when the American people are subjected to legislation or theories which obfuscates the principles of capitalism and the desires of sovereignty as documented in the Constitution.

From a distance one can see the dismantling of our way of life by the newest occupants of power, unwittingly given their orders for 'change' by the American electorate. Most importantly, this entire chapter in American history will come to a conclusion soon enough. Our destiny has been preordained and we do know however, that whatever we do, God is truly watching us from a distance.

Thanks Again        

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