April 28th, 2020 4:37 PM

Dear Friends,

I've been following Father Spyridon's wise advice in numerous subjects that have the capacity to alleviate the anxiousness and despondency that has tormented our lives. The infiltration of the Coronavirus in our communities has saddened us by the pain and suffering we have personally experienced along with our family, friends and the entire nation. While the Father has tremendous wisdom and truth in his homilies, I've become reassured that Our Dear Lord is with us at our side, as mankind fights for the restoration of one's faith and the elevation in the substance of our character through our magnanimous deeds.

I have chosen several presentations in which Father Spyridon explores the values and virtues that have the ability to encapsulate our lives as a requisite for the disarming of evil in our daily encounters. The Coronavirus pandemic has become the circumstance that instills a righteous approach in our relationships, as we fulfill the path determined by providence.

You might not have known of Father Spyridon Bailey. He is a Priest in the Diocese of Great Britain and Western Europe of the Russian Orthodox Church outside Russia. He serves in England and Ireland. Father Spyridon has written several books and has a spiritual presence that lends to a heightened understanding and awareness that is truly profound in communications, in either voice or print.

I am delighted to share various homilies that are inspirational and worthy of reflection during this challenging time in our lives.

Thanks again for your continuous support.

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