February 25th, 2018 6:04 PM

Dear Friends,

For many of us, February has been filled with grief. The shooting at a Florida High School on Valentines Day has consumed this nation with horror, despondency and exasperation. Explicit details of the events on that fateful day have emerged, as the mental health of the alleged suspect has been revealed. Consequently, law enforcement agencies before and during the trauma have offered questionable explanations of their preemptive roles in preventing a disaster such as this to ever occur. We can only hope the lives lost on that day will be lifted and remembered for an unexpected sacrifice, as they are restored by our Lord through eternal life.

On Friday, February 2nd, one of my dearest friends for over 35 years began her eternal life in Heaven. Dr. Joyce was born in 1932. Her amazing life was documented by the deep love and affection she offered her family and friends. Many of us at her Memorial Service on Friday were in tears, as we recalled the profound qualities she displayed in helping us and others with spiritual advice that was born from divine wisdom. I will always remember her assistance. Her advice brought contentment and understanding throughout my personal relationships of those that I truly loved and encountered in my life. I will deeply miss my lively conversations, as we truly knew the Holy Spirit was engaged in our presence. Joyce was also a fabulous cook!  During her later years she opened a fish restaurant. The name of the establishment was appropriate, as it was named The Fisherman. She always had the heart to invite me for Thanksgiving or Christmas dinner if I did not have a place to go.

Dr. Joyce was an accomplished woman as she held a PHD and several professional degrees. She was one of my first clients in the mortgage business. If I remember correctly so many years ago, she owned over 30 properties! I am blessed to have known Joyce as she always told the truth - a concept of integrity that is sadly diminishing in this nation. Her genuine optimism for life is reflected by the profound love she gave. I will always remember Joyce as an extraordinary friend. She is alive in my thoughts and wonderful memories. God continues to bless me for loving Dr. Joyce Hortense Lewis Randolph.

Thanks again for your continuous support.

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