August 31st, 2021 7:19 AM

Dear Friends,

I never knew that I would be writing a blog that references passages of Scripture, which offer the wise counsel and wisdom required, to survive and to fulfill the attainment of one's peace in 2021. The oppressive circumstances facing America and the world today has been traumatic. Consequently, the situation in America today reveals the evil that has permeated the soul of a beloved nation well known throughout the world for Judeo-Christian and democratic principles. There are just too many excoriating events since March of 2020, that have greatly saddened and disturbed discerning God fearing individuals, as the attacks from within has eroded the character of a great nation in a short period of time.

The debacle in Afghanistan has done tremendous damage, as Americans that love this country are devastated. What occurred there should never have happened. The tragic killings of our courageous soldiers; the abandonment of American citizens, our allies and the Afghan citizens that offered their assistance under the most dangerous circumstances, and leaving behind an immense amount of weapons that will be utilized for despotic control, will always be remembered as an outrageous catastrophe, never known to exist in the annals of American history.

With everything that continues to plague America, we need to pray for DIVINE INTERVENTION to heal this nation and obliterate the Satanic forces that have caused great harm in our lives. Today and every day we must ask Our Dear Lord for His grace to end the carnage of evil that is destroying the foundations of a country that has lifted the plight of the human condition. As a Cuban refugee so many years ago, I will always appreciate the love and the sacrifice of Americans that helped my family escape Communism. I know the effects of oppression. It truly saddens me greatly that America is embracing a culture of repression, division and hatred of its own countrymen.

With that said, I urge for everyone that loves America, to pray for peace.

May God in His infinite wisdom, continue to bless the United States of America.

Thanks again for your continuous support - during these challenging times in America - a nation under siege,

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