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These past few weeks, or I should say, this entire year, has been one of anxious instability. Many of the situations this country continues to encounter is due in large part to past decisions which has enveloped every aspect of our daily lives. Whether it be the sub prime mess, the dissolution of our financial markets brought about by corruption and incompetence, questionable unfair trade agreements which has hampered our manufacturing base, the collective relinquishment of responsibility and integrity by our representatives in government, these are just a few of the numerous examples which have conspired to create the deterioration of American values.

There is a desire for government intervention to help solve our current financial problems. This opinion and its ultimate implementation is to undue the harm brought about by the aftermath of detrimental financial concepts and the irresponsible powerful manipulators in which Americans have given their trust. The intrusion by government is worth noting. In its desire to shelter the effects of incomprehensible economic blunders, the advent of a unique form of capitalism unknown in the history of this country is starting to take shape.

A civics lesson for Americans might be a necessity as many of our citizens are unaware of the manifestations or the workings of government as it relates to one's daily life. We therefore need to be reminded that an American is to know the difference from right and wrong, to have a fundamental inherent understanding of justice, to work hard to provide sustenance for our families, the ability to discern actions which would result in a loss of one's freedom and those of our fellow citizens. The illustrious painting of The Declaration Of Independence shown above is truly inspirational and must be given the respect in which our basic freedoms were born and the responsibilities to carry them out. Unfortunately, we are beginning to witness the fragmentation of American society by its disassociation with the simple spirit of sacrosanct moral concepts espoused by the Founding Fathers.

In essence, America is changing rapidly, much more pronounced in its evolution so far, this year. Is this change for the better?

On a future TeamBlog, I'll discuss the challenges Americans will face in order to overcome the battles to our basic freedoms. 

The Big 3 & Me

I grew up in the State of Michigan and I have family members, old childhood and college friends that live there. I see my family and friends now and then when I have a chance to visit. I also own a home in Northern Michigan and its a peaceful respite from the big city lifestyle of Los Angeles, which at times is too stressful for anyone involved in the mortgage industry nowadays. I have lived in Los Angeles for 27 years now. If you drive in LA you'll notice a good percentage of the autos are manufactured by Toyota, Nissan, BMW, Mercedes and other foreign companies.


The effects of actions regarding the auto industry will have an impact on all of us and as just mentioned, my beloved family and friends. There are consequences for any decision made by the US Government. There will be insurmountable job losses which will bring about additional suffering. The effects will be overwhelming.

In my previous TeamBlogs I've discussed my views in regards to the auto industry and their desire to seek up to $34 Billion  in short term loans. This money is needed immediately in order to end the likelihood of bankruptcy by at least 2 of the automakers, GM and Chrysler. It is my understanding Ford is in need of a creditline and is in better shape financially to withstand the current economic downturn.

For obvious reasons, I am saddened by the plight of the Big 3 and the rejection by the US Senate in its refusal to provide the bridge loan necessary to keep these companies alive. We will know by Monday if President Bush will allow the use of the TARP 'Bail Out' funds to rescue the fate of the automakers.

I understand the exhaustion of many Americans with continued requests to 'bail out' any financial concern. The taxpayer in the long run is the one that has to pay for all of this and it will hamper the economic future of young Americans.

Unfortunately, we are at a crossroads. If we do not provide the bridge loan requested, there is the likelihood that over 3 million Americans will become unemployed. The entire state of Michigan will be in a Depression of chaotic proportions. Ultimately the effects on the nation's economy will continue to spiral, perhaps similar in scope to the '29 Stock Market crash where the Great Depression had its beginnings.

The risk of not providing the funds is a risk no intelligent individual should be allowed to answer negatively. While there are issues regarding the UAW and its concessions or lack of them and the appointment of an Auto Czar to review the expenditures of the automakers, these can be negotiated and resolved in due time.

There are several urgent factors which helped create this situation. The stringent regulations imposed by  government to auto manufacturers, unfair trade agreements whereby American automakers were unable to sell similar amounts of vehicles to the countries approving the agreement, the mismanagement of the automakers themselves by providing outdated car designs and questionable product quality and a disparity in a fair income through the negotiations with the auto unions. These past decisions have plagued the industry.

To see the 3 CEO'S requesting a loan to head off certain bankruptcy on Capitol Hill, was truly an event associated with the decline of the fundamental pillars of American society. We all have had a hand in this and its time we all have faith in the Big 3 once again.

By purchasing American made cars we are able to reinvigorate our economy. The more cars we buy from American manufacturers, the better. I've decided the next car I purchase will be American. If more of us do the same we will help our fellow citizens and ourselves. This might be a bit corny but it's the right thing to do. I've been told American cars are better built now than ever before!

It's now time to buy American! 


Thanks Again



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