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Dear Friends,
I've been living in Southern California since the Summer of 1981. I lived in Tempe, Arizona before deciding to move father West, where many of the folks I knew at the time recommended Los Angeles as the place to be if one was seeking career based employment and a healthier lifestyle.
Since residing in Los Angeles, my friends and those I've known for a short period of time, can visually see that I enjoy a good meal! Unfortunately, throughout a good portion of my life, my weight has fluctuated every so often and I'm currently considered obese per the Body Mass Index. This situation has been an issue of consequence since I can remember, and my desire to lose weight has become one of the most difficult obstacles or challenges I've ever had to face. I sincerely sympathize with the millions of Americans that are overweight. I can blame the societal stress and pressures of living in a metropolis, but I blame myself for not having the fortitude or discipline required by engaging in regular exercise, limiting meal portions or any other concerted effort required to maintain a healthier lifestyle. Nevertheless, I am now in a situation in which I must heed the suggestions I've come across by those that love and care for me to eat sensibly. It seems that everything you eat nowadays, is considered toxic and has ingredients that can create health problems. While a concern for my health are true and sincere, I have promised myself that I will continue to visit my favorite restaurants and diners I've frequented for many years. I have no desire to pay a fortune for scrambled eggs but I know that I'll be enjoying the quality of food that's served, by enjoying the overall atmosphere when the owner or the support staff welcomes me with open arms!
Below is a short list of my favorite eateries in Los Angeles that I've loyally patronized over the years. I'll mention additional diners in an upcoming post.
Even though my game plan is to lose the extra pounds that is necessary for better health, I will incorporate these establishments in such a manner that employs a desire for moderation.

7149 Beverly Blvd.
Los Angeles, Ca. 90036
'I enjoy their Breakfast Quesadillas'

3514 W. Magnolia Blvd.
Burbank, Ca. 91505
'Great Cuban Bakery, Cuban Sandwiches & Ropa Vieja'

9600 Brighton Way
Beverly Hills, Ca. 90210
'Splendid Breakfast Choices. I like their Meatloaf Entree'

3624 W. Sunset Blvd.
Los Angeles, Ca. 90026
'Great Omelettes'

6332 W. 3rd Street
Los Angeles, Ca. 90036
'Their Spaghetti and Lasagna are fabulous'

If you are visiting Los Angeles on vacation or if you live in Southern California, it would be wonderful if you tried at least one of the establishments recommended. You will not be disappointed!

Thanks again for your continuous support.

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