August 12th, 2018 4:11 PM

Dear Friends,

I was driving around town and I came across a pattern of life that is truly depressing. The torment many in Los Angeles have is overwhelming, as a good number of its citizens are suffering from homelessness, crime and mental illness. Just the other day a woman with her belongings was sitting in front of a convenience store asking for money. I gave her what I had and we spoke briefly about her condition. She was a Caucasian woman and revealed she was 43 years of age, had 4 sons and 7 grandchildren. My heart wept when she also mentioned her birthday was in a few days.

This circumstance is commonplace in a city with a voluminous amount of wealth. There are several factors one can highlight by the horrific scenes of devastation one can witness, by driving in neighborhoods neglected by powerful political interests. Notwithstanding, one can come across a preponderance of affluence displayed by material goods, single family residences and commercial properties throughout its borders.

 While the rich are known to have garnered their opulence through their access within the entertainment industry or by government corruption, there are additional methods in which those living in Los Angeles have attained their prosperity by unorthodox measures too numerous to mention. All told, the Middle Class is struggling to make ends meet, and as a specific group, are leaving this city and California for a better life without chronic challenges. The misanthropic interests, the ruthless greed factor, the mental illness of those that have a concurrent malady of narcissism, sociopathy and psychosis in communication and a good number of its inhabitants that have looked the other way, have contributed to the nightmare of a society that is unraveling before our very eyes. California has become a foreign country suffering from an embellishment of incoherence. The truth is rarely spoken, as material assets defines the substance of one's character. 'By all means necessary', has become the concomitant approach to become advantageous or victorious in questionable desires that cripples the human spirit.

I have been living in Southern California for 37 years. What I have witnessed in all this time can be described as a flowing exuberance of thought in script form, while the death of civilization running amok that surrounds us, tends to occur simultaneously. This can be considered an unhealthy oxymoronic approach in living. I'll be packing my bags when the Good Lord advises it's time for me to live in true abundance, peace and tranquility.

 The current powerful political forces have extended their dysfunctional method of governance by activating their derision of logic and the truth. One can force a smile and do their very best to live a life in a society where everyone has unwittingly conspired to survive the metropolitan wilderness. Drastic changes within this 'avant-garde' 'progressive' mindset must be conquered and be done away with. The mental disorders afflicting the inhabitants of this state, has denigrated the natural disposition of living a wholesome and blessed life as demonstrated in Scripture. The solution is to defeat these disconcerting forces in all spheres of influence, where evil deceives and prolongs its presence in our homes and communities. Any discerning individual of a sound, rational mind that lives in California, fully understands this conflict. Unfortunately, the pain and suffering that continues unabated in this state, is due to the prominent lack of wisdom of those associated in representing the interests of its law abiding, judicious citizenry.

Thanks again for your continuous support.

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