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Dear Friends,

For many years now, I've had a strong desire to compose my thoughts and express them in written form. Whatever I wrote came from my heart, with an understanding the truth sustains my words if scrutinized by those unwilling to believe. The subject matter has gradually developed, as I've become more inquisitive in regards to the events that have caused great harm to those who love this great nation. The chronic crisis manufactured by misguided powerful forces, has created a profound presence which has energized an unbeknownst dormant ability for me to express genuine convictions garnered by a life full of challenges.

Everything written in this blog, has been the truth, as I would never compromise my values in order to manipulate or deceive. Judging of others is a task that is unworthy, if you desire not to be judged by your peers. I am reminded by Scripture passages in Matthew 7:1-6 which mentions "do not judge or you will be judged. For in the same way you judge others, you will be judged, and with the measure you use, it will be measured to you." Unfortunately, this period of time in which we live, has become a threshold for moral perplexities. Notwithstanding, the inability to recognize destructive aspects of political theories known to damage social order, has become a burden on a society unraveling at high speed towards anarchy.

We live in a nation that has lost its will to fight. When oppression, violence and injustice are discovered or manifests in our communities, we look the other way. The substance of our characters that propels us to love our neighbors as ourselves, is a principle that is hard to find or recognize. For a good number of us, our lives have become unpleasant, as the mental health of those we encounter are either obsequious or self absorbed. This behavior and/or the acting ability to feign compassion and interest in the plight of those we seek and purport to help, has become an activity with unrighteous ulterior motives.

The plight of the homeless comes to mind, while the number of suicides due to the stagnant economy has risen dramatically and government officials approve the funding of an organization that is harvesting human organs from aborted fetuses. These are just several of the consequences that have abhorrent outcomes, when policies are devised to 'assist' its citizens as a method for domination and the force to abandon our ethics.
In regards to choosing a candidate to represent us for the highest office in the land, the American people are becoming aware of the hierarchy within 'the establishment' in both political parties. Our sovereignty and freedoms must never be taken for granted, when powerful forces demand the electorate to be subservient in their quest for control of our lives.

After reading these short paragraphs, you must have come to the conclusion that I must be distraught and unable to lift my spirits, as a progression into melancholy has done damage to the optimism I once had. It seems as though today I'm doing my best to eschew any negative influences that have occurred, so that I can resume the emotional balance required to live a life of purpose and truly make a difference in my own life and in the lives of others.

The restoration of integrity, and the will to energize the thought patterns of those unable to appreciate the factors that enriches one's presence in elevating the human condition, is a cause which must be pursued. When lies and deceptive practices of manipulation, are the works of those grasping power to achieve an ultimate status for control or monetary gain, one must ascertain its origins.

The secular aspects of American society has done tremendous harm to its children through various installments. One of the components of this situation involves education. In teaching, all substantive subjects of study has suffered through a system that assuages high standards required to pass a course, with a full comprehension of its contents. A High School Diploma or a College Degree can no longer be counted as a document of true achievement or a reflection of one's intelligence.

Moreover, it has been reported young Americans are more apt to embrace socialism as a method to resolve financial discrepancies and as a lifestyle that insures fairness among its citizens. As an American born in Cuba, I can truly say this train of thought reflects the 'intentional inability' of today's educators to embrace democratic principles of liberty and freedom, while denying the benefits of a free market system. This method of censoring opposing views in which conservatism is an impeding danger to their ingrained beliefs, is a cause for great concern. When students are no longer introduced to theoretical concepts expressed by John Locke or Alexis de Tocqueville for example, the quality and substance of their studies lack intrinsic value.
Nonetheless, this has become a year when defective presidential candidates embrace the decline of personal responsibility, by offering everything imaginable for 'free' to a 'Millennial' generation. This repugnant approach to deceive young Americans, has become one of several directions which will determine the future of freedom in this nation.
  In regards to my former homeland, the scourge of socialism has damaged the lives of Cubans by its cruel acts of despotism and the killing of government dissenters since 1959. When the entire world is entertained by the smiles of the current head of this government at a baseball game last month in Havana, engaging in 'the wave' with a Communist Dictator only hours after the terrorist attack in Brussels, any discerning observer can only wonder, does one's dignity still exist?

I can continue my curmudgeon approach to what is ailing our society, but I'm saddened and angered by the inability of those in government, business and the media to tell the truth. Personally, I do not like to be lied to. I would imagine you would feel the same way. There have been too many attempts to obfuscate, deceive or plainly lie in order to win an argument or manipulate events. Americans do not require a college course to understand the decline of our civilization. When the truth is no longer embraced as an honorable modicum of respect for our fellow citizens, the death of America is a foregone conclusion.

Thanks again for your continuous support.


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