March 1st, 2015 9:52 PM

Dear Friends,
For law abiding, hard working, intelligent and discerning Americans of ethical convictions, the America that has been known to revere liberty and freedom, is losing its capacity to elevate the human condition in this country and around the world.
The control of government in every aspect of our 'private' lives is the cancer that continues to spread, while the collective power of the people are ignored and viewed with contempt.
As of now, our lives are no longer 'private' as Americans are scrutinized by government, business and media interests on a continuous basis. These entities have developed a misguided and dangerous approach in disparaging the lives of its countrymen by vacuous concepts of degradation. Hatred, avarice, greed, dependence and arrogance are emotional levers utilized for full control over the hopes and dreams of prosperity, that is considered the foundation for aspirations in living a life of meaning and purpose.

The Mid Term Elections of last November, in which Americans elected Republicans in order to stem the tide of a 'transformation' never envisioned by a sane and informed electorate, has been proved to be meaningless, The old guard along with the newest members of both assembles, have yielded to cowardice by misleading constituents. Collectively, they have been unwilling to thwart detrimental executive actions that are unconstitutional and has enabled a path towards disorder. Notwithstanding, their baseless convictions are considered to be the absence of integrity or the sacrifice that is essential in order to respect one's long held beliefs. Due to unworthiness in judgement, these politicians and their supporters, do not view the plight of the American people as a concern by offering solutions to alleviate their problems. Quite the contrary, Americans are encountering various progressions of hubris, incompetence and malevolence, as those we've elected to represent our interests have become purveyors of harmful decrees, determined to control every aspect of one's entire life.

It is truly unfortunate that we are living in a society that has lost its will or the capacity to recognize or understand the pernicious attempts by government, media and business, in efforts to restrict our independence. It seems as though we are living in a nation where everything that has been proposed or becomes law, has been engineered to not enhance our civil liberties but to eliminate them. The latest example is the FCC decision by a 3 to 2 vote, to regulate the internet through an innocuous term -'net-neutrality'. It has been logically determined by true journalists and members of this industry, the government takeover of the internet will conceivably cost consumers their privacy. Additionally, the need to pay higher costs for services will be supported, while regulations for blogs will be determined presumably by its content. The freedom of speech is a casualty as government encroachment continues.
We've been through this exercise a number of times before. The Affordable Care Act for example, is not 'affordable' and has created havoc in the family budgets of middle class Americans. The consequences of this law are evident, by declining medical standards and the loss of countless medical care practioners.
In regards to immigration, policies to grow the number of illegal aliens as a pretense not to alleviate their suffering by compassionate means, but to utilize their presence as a plot to change the demographics in all 50 states for the fortunes of a political party, can only be viewed as contemptible.

I derive no pleasure in the actions of powerful interests, determined to dismantle the rule of law that runs contrary to democratic principles. The Constitution has been ignored and supplanted by individuals harboring cheap, mundane intellectual concepts that incorporate characteristics of petulance and the loss of mental acuity in its authenticity. The wickedness associated by their contempt of this nation, in America's historical ability to elevate the force for good here at home and abroad, has created the loss of respect by our allies and has emboldened our enemies. The lack of leadership in Washington DC, has tarnished the view of democratic loving nations, as America is now known to reward its enemies and implements measures that instills oppression amongst its own citizens. A foreign policy that excoriates Israel, the only democracy in the Middle East, and bending over backwards to appease the demands of a Cuban despot by negotiating the normalization of relations without the advancement of human rights, are the dichotomies that prevent America from being perceived as an honest nation, with aims for the preservation of peace in our time.
 I strongly recommend viewing the speech to Congress by the Israeli Prime Minister on Tuesday, March 3rd at 10:45 AM EST. It will be carried live on The case for the survival of Israel in a broken world needs to be heard.

The 'cracks in the limestone' is a figurative expression, as a number of America's national monuments have been constructed with this hard, mineral matter as its cornerstone. The foundations in which America has been commemorated throughout its long illustrious history, the substance of its character, is in doubt.
When will the destruction from within finally end?
The answer to this question and its aftermath is the reality America confronts today, while the entire world views our torment from a distance.
Thanks Again

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