October 26th, 2022 7:17 AM

Dear Friends,

What is happening to America today, is due to the menacing and uncontrollable hubris of evil and mental affliction that has conspired to elevate the spirit of ignorance, incompetence and malevolence of those that have an ounce of controlling power in our lives. The truth of the past sentence is not debatable, as the past 2 years have destroyed the lives of the American people either emotionally, financially or morally. It is an exasperating fact, that a political organization with support from industries or concerns that have the capacity for control, have seen fit to eradicate the liberty and freedom espoused in the Constitution by the hatred they have for life itself. Both political parties have a day of judgment coming. The American people will decide its future if free and fair elections are held without obstacles. Moreover, actions that promote righteous indignation in the hearts of those suffering from disgrace and repression encountered by the population is a danger that must be confronted. Simply said, it's best to have an avenue for COMMON SENSE to prevail, in which solutions are solved by impartial facts and figures that outline the truth in all circumstances. The deeper anyone investigates the proliferation of corruption; one will discover the widespread incongruous attempts of those that conspire to control lives for sport. Power is abused by evil desires. The lack of a moral compass no longer has any effect on one's conscience.

 Throughout American history, the value of deploying COMMON SENSE measures have not succeeded in overturning the main established political organizations in Presidential and General Elections. Nevertheless, there are times the capacity to embrace COMMON SENSE has contributed to focusing on a specific cause or issue in which the 2 main parties may have neglected. COMMON SENSE allows the practical and logical change of various views. For the electorate to enable their thought patterns by applying COMMON SENSE in their lives; is to respect and have a high regard for the CONSTITUTION as written. Thomas Paine would agree.  

On Tuesday, November 8th, America will either succumb by advancing policies of destruction - or assist in the resurrection and proliferation of liberty and freedom of its citizens. The direction America has chosen, will decide if COMMON SENSE is still an active prescription for governance of a nation in resolving disputes and its challenges. 

Our thoughts and prayers to Our Blessed Lord, will assist Americans for the solutions required, to secure one's peace.

Thanks again for your continuous support - during these challenging times in America - a nation under siege.

Be unafraid and courageous. God almighty is with you.

Posted by Jesse Dorado on October 26th, 2022 7:17 AMPost a Comment

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