June 16th, 2018 4:06 PM

Dear Friends,

This past week has revealed the convictions of those eager to work for peace. Moreover, misconduct by government operatives has been disclosed through a lengthy report assembled by the US Inspector General. I can surmise when one completes an impartial review of actions that have transpired over time, the ability to discern with confidence the direction and motivations of the parties involved can be determined.


When we seek peace in our lives and assist nations that are oppressed by a sympathetic force of government interaction, the human spirit is celebrated. The entire world knows full well the atrocities that have persecuted the North Korean population, as its dictator has continued the scourge of torment imposed by his father and grandfather. The pain and suffering inflicted by despotic concepts of destruction by these men, will one day come to an end through circumstances that are currently in operation.

In Scripture, {Matthew 5:9} the Lord mentions 'Blessed are the peacemakers, for they shall be called the children of God'. With spiritual encouragement, the US President and his consultants have initiated a strategy to end the nuclear proliferation of the Korean Peninsula, by implementing unrelenting economic sanctions against the regime. There is no escape nor option for the North Korean dictator at this stage, but to obey the most recent mysterious ethos that has overwhelmed his presence.

We are all God's children. While this is true, it's obvious evil intent has been the overwhelming temperament of activity for this dictator. His cooperation in a summit for peace, is a forced personal evolution towards pragmatism, as he has come to terms that an exodus of responsibility is not forthcoming. The advancement of logical reason to end a hostile environment where war would prevail, is a realization that our prayers for peace has had an effect by the actions of mystifying forces we may never comprehend. The participation in this situation by North Korea's neighbors has also contributed towards 'cautious optimism'. While I do not care for this term, how can someone be optimistic and cautious at the same time? Regrettably in this day and age, an oxymoron has become the basis for recounting the truth.

  Notwithstanding, the denuclearization of North Korea and the promotion of human rights, is considered a realistic approach to end predominant remnants of conflict and hatred in the future. Unfortunately, there are entities in both nations that are apprehensive and dislike the main government personalities in their negotiations for peace. Have no doubts. The events that have occurred since the aftermath of the US 2016 General Election towards the attainment of peace in this region, is not coincidental - but has developed through the works orchestrated by Providence.

In an upcoming post, the US Inspectors Report will be reviewed.

Thanks again for your continuous support.

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