March 19th, 2020 8:00 AM

Dear Friends,

The Coronavirus outbreak has given America the time to look at business relationships this nation has with Communist China. I have written about this situation in a previous post and the BUY AMERICAN logo has been displayed on the MONEYTEAMUSA opening page on its website for many years. In life we are confronted with challenges that are self inflicted or changing circumstances provide evidence of dishonest dealings that are disclosed on a gradual basis. When America depends on critical supplies purchased from Chinese manufacturers that would protect the public from the virus contagion, our democratic independence is compromised. It is my understanding pharmaceuticals, face masks, hospital ventilators and other commodities are now prevented from reaching American companies that have entered agreements with China for these products. This control in abandoning agreements that would allow the supply chain to reach America during the health crisis, provides this nation and the world an abrupt realization of the dehumanizing effects in which Communism is heralded. An overwhelming monopoly of antibiotics, penicillin and vitamin supplements are manufactured in China. America has become dependent on China for its survival, as this nation has forfeited its capacity to formulate the ingredients prescribed in medicine. The Coronavirus has reestablished a simple message understood throughout history - never trust a Communist.

The entire world knows full well the Coronavirus originated in Wuhan, China. For questionable journalists or reporters to mention that in telling the truth about this fact is a form of racism, is an attempt to obfuscate logic and/or common sense. The problem of leftist dogma is the lack of integrity when the truth is revealed. Their autocratic beliefs destroys the values and tenets of journalism. This world wide pandemic would not have occurred, if the Chinese Communist Government allowed the truth of the outbreak to be immediately disclosed once it was known - in order for the virus to be contained. The entire world is now suffering the consequences.

My beloved parents came to America in 1966 from Communist Cuba without a dime. My father was so appreciative of the sincerity and good wishes bestowed on our family by Americans, he insisted on purchasing products - made in America. His wise counsel has also motivated my convictions throughout life - as I will always do my best to purchase products made in the US.

America is now considered energy independent, as this country no longer needs to purchase oil from hostile foreign nations that have contempt for our interests. This new reality is encouraging, as my father's wise convictions many years ago, has come to fruition

The next time you are at a department store, check the label to see the country of origin. If it's from _________, your intuition and intelligence will guide you on what to do next.

Thanks again for your continuous support.

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