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Dear Friends,

If you are a regular reader of the TeamBlog, you may have noticed my views in regards to the cruel and controlling desire of a powerful coalition in strong arm efforts, to destabilize the cohesiveness of a nation. For me personally, I am saddened at the current obfuscation of decency and truth, as prolonged warnings have become a futile exercise where reason and logic are no longer valid arguments, in formulating a serious discussion of America's future.

There are many of us that truly understand the unraveling of a once great society where basic freedoms are gradually discarded due to fear, intimidation and abuse of power. You must understand the disruption of American values where hard work, honesty, integrity and mutual respect was once a staple of one's identity. Today, everything is upside down and my despondency is elevated by the daily incorporation of crisis, where peace of mind is no longer achieved due to the powerful interests within government, the main street media and corrupt business interests.

As a refugee from a despotic regime 90 miles from the coast of Florida, I'm reminded once again of my comprehension of tyranny, as America embraces policies of a discredited system of social engineering. My parents sacrificed everything by sending my brothers and I to a nation where freedom and the quest for a better life was offered with open arms. Back in 1962 no one would have pondered the subjugation of liberty as we have come to accept, by the apathy and the lack of courage by those entrusted to represent the interests of its citizens. The gradual and systemic abrogation of the virtues espoused in the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution by illegitimate interests, has laid the groundwork for the eventual destruction of a democracy. Simply said, without religious liberty, which is the basis where virtue thrives, freedom is unable to exist.

By design or by happenstance, Americans must come to terms with a system of governance that has intentional obstacles at every turn, due to the understanding that truth is no longer viewed as an obligation but as a hindrance. When the veracity of government, media and business are questioned on a daily basis, our meaning for existence comes into question. Presumably we are living in a democracy, a republic. When events are arranged to foster distrust in order to gain power and subjugate its citizens, the planning of such episodes are examples of abuse.

For over 4 years we have experienced a financial and societal nightmare where American sovereignty has been jeopardized. This nation has a deficit of $16 Trillion with no end in sight. Without a curtailment of spending, the complete denigration of America's financial system will come to a grinding halt. The aftermath of corruption and ineptitude is staggering, as politicians lack the fortitude to end the misery created by its reckless pursuit in spending other people's money - which in essence is basically our own! 

The timetable in which Americans will be subjected to an onslaught of additional taxes will become a reality, if negotiations with Congress and the Executive branch are unsuccessful. On January 1st, 2013, income taxes will literally go through the roof, which will force many small business owners the inability to hire new workers and the layoff of thousands is all but a foregone conclusion.

The circumstances of additional taxes is just one of a case load of unresolved excesses due to procrastination, ineptitude and corruption waiting to explode. Throughout October, the TeamBlog will do its best in reviewing the issues which are dominant in this Election cycle, where many believe this election will 'transform' America as a nation no longer willing to sacrifice in order to maintain or appreciate its blessings. For those of a discerning spirit, The Road To Perdition is a journey not of our making.


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