November 6th, 2008 8:21 PM


Dear Friends,

America has made its decision.

Our thoughts and prayers are with President-Elect Obama as he begins to form the nucleus of his Cabinet and staff during this transition. We are all Americans and wish him well in his efforts to help solve the numerous challenges facing the nation.

The concession speech by Senator McCain was eloquent and magnanimous. The spirit of cooperation he espoused on Election Night was truly gracious.

The two party system in America continues on its high road. Let's hope for the best. 

MoneyTeam Updates

Our 19th Anniversary Mortgage Sale Ends on Friday, November 14th. Please check our website for more details.

Our Loan Modification programs will be up and running on Wednesday, November 12th. There was a delay of sorts, as we've been doing our homework so that we can  provide you with this important service at a reasonable cost. Please check our website for more details.

Mortgage rates have been fluctuating. We are now able to offer the following CONFORMING FIXED rates:

30 Year Fixed at 5.750% at 1 Point

15 Year Fixed at 5.375% at 1 Point 

Please be aware CONFORMING JUMBO loans expire on December 31st. Many lenders insist on funding these loan requests by December 15th. We urge you to have your application in our office, no later than Friday, November 14th. The rates for CONFORMING JUMBO FIXED loans are:

30 Year Fixed at 6.250% at 1 point

Please check our website for more details.

Loan Bright Clients

Please check your email for incentives. You will be called by a member of our staff no later than Friday, November 14th.

Help Wanted

MoneyTeam is seeking 2 experienced licensed loan agents to join our TEAM! We need help in securing appointments from  leads we receive daily. Please email your resume to for consideration or you may call 323-936-3232. Thanks.

Gretta & Gus

My good friend, Erin Toohey at CMG Mortgage sent me photos of her beloved bulldogs, Gretta & Gus! In my conversation with Erin, she mentioned they're well behaved and are lovable!!! Just looking at Gretta & Gus it seems they have a personality all their own and are adorable to boot!




You are invited to send a photo of your DOG for insertion in our BLOG! Please email a photo with particulars to our office at

Thanks Again

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