August 9th, 2013 9:20 AM

Dear Friends,

Rest and relaxation and the avoidance of all stress, is where I will lay my weary head and to bide my time until Monday morning.

It was exactly 2 years ago to this day, the TeamBlog was devoted to an episode of The Twilight Zone. The name of the post, 'Next Stop Willoughby' reminded many of the wasted lives we have become accustomed to and the desire to embrace an existence where wholesome, simple pleasures are elements that nurture our very souls. While Willoughby is a fictional town, I would ponder there are towns with the same allegiance to wholesome values that are alive and thriving in America even today. Sadly, the contempt many in the ranks of the powerful have for hard working, law abiding and God fearing citizens of this great nation, has taken its toll. Many are weary of the strain, the stress and the foreboding as one's peace of mind no longer offers encouragement or comfort. The future looks bleak as the policies implemented by government elites and its accomplices are having its detrimental effects.

While I'm convinced this is a forlorn chapter in America's diverse history, I can only fathom the suffering of those in breadlines during the Great Depression, the sacrifice of our soldiers in combat and the abuses of our African American friends not so long ago.

For those truly blessed to be alive where serenity and contentment can still be found, your days on this Earth are a reward. One day you will witness my strength as I'm finally able to depart the train station and enjoy your friendship as your newest resident. My destination might not be Willoughby per se, but I'll be glad the day in which the Lord affords me the time to retire in good health.

I invite you to read the TeamBlog where one can conquer the illness of the human condition choreographed by corporate greed.

The TeamBlog is dated 8/9/11

You can view the beginning of our main character's discontent:

Thanks Again

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