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Dear Friends,

My two older brothers and I were separated from our parents in April of 1962, due to the political upheaval in Cuba. Our upbringing by strangers and the difficulty in communicating in a foreign language during this period, was regrettable and unforgiving. My sadness as a youngster was well known and smiles were rare. But on Christmas Day in 1963, I recall receiving several Christmas presents from the nuns in the Catholic boarding home where my brothers and I were to live for several years. On this day I was thrilled to receive a few gifts that began my journey back to emotional health. I opened a big box, tightly wrapped and the contents held Gaylord, the battery operated walking dog! I couldn't be happier as I was so excited to have a Basset Hound at my side that I could play with and offer my love and affection. For a time at least, I would be able to forget the trauma and the nightmares brought about by the separation from my parents.

My second gift was a Paint By Numbers set. I enjoyed painting the Collie in the outline with bright colors and my strokes within the designated numbers were exact. I kept this painting and gave it to my Mother as a gift when we were finally reunited after 4.5 years of separation. 

Another gift I remember receiving was a deck of biographical cards of famous people. Aristotle, Charlemagne, Winston Churchill, Mahatma Gandhi, Dag Hammarskjold and Eleanor Roosevelt among others. I looked at their black and white photographs, turned the cards and shortly thereafter, I had the capacity to read their accomplishments and began to understand their importance. I came to the realization these individuals were of high esteem, great character and unable to do harm. At 8 years of age, my young mind instinctively knew there were persons of unwavering integrity and goodness outside of the property in which I lived. I was so fascinated by their lives, I believed I would be rescued from the abandonment I felt from the overall sad circumstances of my life.

If I were to receive a deck of cards similar to the ones from my childhood almost 50 years ago, I would add John F. Kennedy, Ronald Reagan, Pope John Paul II and Margaret Thatcher among others. These individuals were offered the opportunity by their peers to devote their lives to end the vestiges of tyranny and oppression not just in their own countries, but by example, the entire world. Their courageous steadfast convictions to fight repressive ideologies was successful. The breakup of the Soviet Union extinguished Communism as a source of domination in a society devoid of freedom. While imperfect, a new style of liberty has developed and the future to direct one's destiny is the hope many strive to attain.

As you know, Lady Thatcher passed away last month. While the former Prime Minister can inflame passions to this day, her convictions to guide and offer assistance to end the scourge of an economy in ashes, helped resurrect the stature of a nation in decline. Her efforts to end this malaise began the day she asked Queen Elizabeth to form a new government in 1979. Her ability to speak the truth is much admired.

It seems as though history repeats itself in another geographical location. The pain and suffering of those in Communist countries during the Cold War has now manifested itself in America. It is widely known that our freedoms are under attack by this government, with the complicit assistance of the press. The irony is obvious. While many sacrificed their lives to flee their homelands from despotic regimes by traveling to America, one's bewilderment in confronting the same abuse in their new country is astounding!

While it has been almost 50 years since I received the deck of cards, there is no comfort or peace in knowing America does not have leaders of high integrity, character or courage willing to guide this country out of its path towards perdition. If only we, here in America, could be blessed to have a voice of such distinction as Lady Thatcher's in our political discourse, this country would be saved. 

Thanks Again

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