December 14th, 2020 9:56 AM

Dear Friends,

Last Saturday, I began my Christmas shopping at my favorite stores. My trips around town was a labor of love as I took the time to purhase gifts for my family and friends. For many years now, I've been an advocate on purchasing American made merchandise. At times this might be considered a difficult task, as goods made in China are well stocked and displayed in department and specialty stores. I for one will do my best to never purchase an item manufactured in China. I always look at the label first, to see the country of origin where the item was made. 

In previous posts I mentioned how our family escaped Communist Cuba so we could live in a nation devoted to democratic principles of liberty and freedom. My beloved father instilled in me the valuable lesson of purchasing products made in America as a form of gratitude towards a nation that fully embraced us from the pain and suffering we expereinced. Today, I remember his wise counsel as the threat of Communism has a chance to destroy this nation in a few short weeks.

Looking at the current circumstances, there are reports from integrity based news outlets that China has infiltrated both Houses of Congress and other government bureaucrats in powerful positions. Moreover, the former Vice-President has been compromised by Communists per emails discovered on his son's laptop .It is alleged that a percentage of monies allocated in a scheme of influence peddling was earmarked for his father, as he is considered a clandestine participant in corruption. This entire scenario opens up a tumultous amount of activities that have disgraced the reputation of a family and has denigrated the power structure of a Democratic Republic and its sacrosanct principles of governance.

Therefore, I recommend that all Americans begin the process of purchasing American made goods this Holiday Season. Common sense offers the logical premise that profits garnered by the Chinese government, will be utilized to overtake America's financial system and increase their military prowess wherever they see fit. I would rather purchase Christmas gifts made in the USA or other nations that despise the works of despots, so their citizens can live with an assurance of peace in the future. While items made in China are considered cheaper in price and quality, a trifle sacrifice to purchase American made products will help alleviate the prominence of Communist influence in this country and around the world. For Americans to live in freedom, a bargain is not worth the price if the product was made in China. I truly pray and hope America understands the serious consequences that have transpired from the origination of the Coronavirus from China, and allegations foreign powers have conspired to corrupt the 2020 General Election.

Thanks again for your continuous support - during these challenging times in America.

Posted by Jesse Dorado on December 14th, 2020 9:56 AMPost a Comment

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