December 18th, 2019 1:18 PM

Dear Friends,

The political majority of the House of Representatives are continually disclosing their contempt for the Constitution - by voting for Articles of Impeachment that are baseless and do not justify any High Crimes and Misdemeanors ostensibly committed by the 45th President. The long term persistent attempt by the Democratic Party and the Main Street Media to impeach this President from his first day in office, is reprehensible. The American people are becoming informed of the precarious and detestable character of those unable or unwilling to accept or tell the truth. The circumstances for a conspiratorial attempted coup of the Chief Executive and the current government since the 2016 General Election - has been revealed. The previous administration and their law enforcement government agencies have conspired to obfuscate the will of the American people. Their incessant clandestine attempts to remove this President from office and fabricating false assertions of involvement to the contrary, is viewed by discerning Americans of high morals as an affront to Judeo-Christian values.

In a previous post, I mentioned the loss of the Republican majority in the House of Representatives in the 2018 Mid Term Election - was envisioned by Divine Intervention to expose the various elements of leftist advocates within the confines of all 3 branches of the US government. This information is vital - for a nation of concerned Americans to understand the skullduggery of those involved in damaging the values ensconced by the Founding Fathers.

We all know the facts. The Department of Justice Inspector's Report mentioned disturbing actions by previous government law enforcement agencies to infiltrate the lives of American citizens and the President  - before - after his election - and as the Chief Executive - to undermine his ability to govern - and by removing him from office. We also received a disturbing acknowledgement by the US Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court, known as the FISA Court in its report, that mentions a scathing rebuke of the FBI in their efforts to destabilize the newly elected President. Along with the unmistakable hatred and deceptive practices of the main participants in the House - the Speaker - the Chairman of the House Intelligence Committee and the Chairman of the Judiciary Committee - in their efforts to dismantle the character of an innocent man, his family and supporters.

As an Independent 'swing voter', I am humbled by the overwhelming response by the truth I always strive to reach, in the posts that I've written. Many of the wonderful friends and acquaintances I've met over the years trust my observations - as I'm humbled by the sincere advice I've been able to give. I always pray for wisdom. In Scripture, the prophet Isaiah 11 - 5 mentions the 'stump of Jesse'. I can reassure you, that I will always endeavor to emulate the human spirit engrossed in the Passages written by Isaiah.

My predictions for the future of America, as I mentioned in my last post - is to never lose faith and always be encouraged, as America is indeed "A City Upon A Hill." The political realignment has entered its First Phase - and it's full speed ahead!

Thanks again for your continuous support.

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