March 27th, 2020 11:16 AM

Dear Friends,

The Coronavirus has prevented numerous Christians in America from attending church services in their communities. The Archdiocese of Los Angeles where I live, has pronounced the closing of its churches until the pandemic in the area has been contained. The inability to attend mass and receive Communion has saddened numerous parishioners, as God's spiritual presence is found and augmented by the celebration of the liturgy. 

Just the other day the President mentioned his desire for the nation to begin the process in going back to work by Easter Sunday, April 12th if at all possible. I was taken aback as I heard this, as I pondered similar thoughts the weekend before his pronouncement. Many Americans believe there are factors within the soul of this nation, that will elevate our prayers and energize our economy once again. While there are others throughout the country that have scolded the President for his encouraging words, the 'false hope' tribe of disillusionment will never overcome the natural positive aspects of discerning Americans. 

Americans must exercise caution during this pandemic, as we must rely on each other to keep our families and the entire nation safe. The best remedies for our survival is to follow government recommendations to halt the spreading of the virus in our communities. Here in California, residents must stay home at all times but can leave the premises for vital errands such as purchasing groceries, visiting a pharmacy or arranging bank transactions among other responsibilities.

While 'cautious optimism' can be considered an expression worthy of an oxymoron, one's faith will always see us through times of adversity. If Our Dear Lord acknowledges our prayers by removing the pain and suffering we've encountered, America will know that our prayers have been answered. America's Resurrection will begin in earnest this coming Passover and Easter, as we celebrate the gradual ending of this crisis.

For many years on a weekly basis, I have listened intently to the sermons given by Dr. Charles Stanley of In Touch Ministries located in Atlanta. Charles has words of wisdom in regards to the torment America and the entire globe are undergoing by the Coronavirus outbreak. His words of comfort on video are noted below.

America's Resurrection is forthcoming!

Thanks again for your continuous support.

Dr. Charles Stanley - Coronavirus Tribulation

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