November 23rd, 2020 8:37 PM

Dear Friends,

America is at a crossroads. In a few short weeks, the American people will know if their liberty and freedom has been lost so a government of Socialists, Marxists or Communists will control the future of this nation. What I am stating is not hyperbole - it just happens to be the truth. This Thanksgiving is a momentous occasion as many members of our families and friends will come to terms on how one must live, survive  or prepare for a life under leftist oppression. There is a pandemic of evil that has swarmed this country. A preponderance of Americans are either ignorant, timid or radical in their views by surrendering one's sanity in allowing a system of governance that overthrows a Republic as the solution for its grievances. To destroy America is an attack that will harm every human in this world committed towards the elevation of the human condition. The injustice that will occur is irrevocable, as the abuse surmounted by those that hate democratic principles will be catastrophic. The loss of liberty and the Constitutional Rights of Americans will create a crisis that will lead to civil disobedience and mayhem.

The alleged irregular and fraudulent attempts to 'steal' the General Election and the Senate Elections in Georgia by leftist supporters, will be the death of America. No nation can survive the chronic evil that has evolved in a society unwilling to fight for freedom that has been provided by Almighty God. To decide to become a member of a corrupt legion of insolent miscreants, is an immoral philosophical contempt for the preservation of peace in a fallen world. Why do you ask, is Mr. Dorado so upset? 

Well, to answer this question, I was born in Communist Cuba. My two brothers and I escaped that imprisoned island many, many years ago as youngsters. We were finally reunited with our beloved parents over 4 years later, as they were unable to accompany us on the flight from Havana to Miami. These circumstances occurred more than 58 years ago, but to relive the suffering of our family and friends has caused great anxiety in my current disposition. This year has been a traumatic one for America and myself included. The Coronavirus and the undecided aftermath of the General Election has created a loss of sleep, unwanted stress and the revelation of evil within a society that I endear. I must also add the inability to trust individuals, acquaintances or establishments that have been discovered to no longer possess the honesty or integrity in their words or actions. It seems as though many discerning Americans like myself, have aged at least 10 years from the wicked attempts by government officials to impose lockdowns that continue to oppress adults in employment, business and religious congregations. 

All of us know the consequences if the allegations of fraud in the General Election are not rectified. If corruption continues to overwhelm the truth, this nation will never have an Election that is fair and honest. The Democratic Republic that many Americans have respected will cease to exist. 

This Thanksgiving, are we to celebrate the forthcoming government in which oppression is the key to happiness? Is this America's Last Thanksgiving in which we are eternally grateful for the blessings God has bestowed in our lives - in the past - but not the present - or our prayers for the future? When leftist Governors and Mayors are recommending that having contact with our family and friends are forbidden during the Thanksgiving holiday, is this an example of the coming storm that American citizens will confront after January 20th, 2021? 

As is my yearly custom, I will be attending mass at 10AM PST on Thanksgiving Day. I will ask the Lord for the forgiveness of my actions and those of others that may have contributed to the plight America faces today. In my humility I will accept the circumstances that He will allow, if the repression of the American people is to take place. Therefore, while God is in control and through His infinite wisdom, I would surmise whatever happens, this nation is in need of redemption.

Thanks again for your continuous support - during these challenging times in America.

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