May 5th, 2023 6:13 AM

Dear Friends,

What is happening in America? The kitchen sink has been thrown at the heads of every law abiding, rational and discerning American citizen for the past couple of years. If you are knowledgeable with regards to America's history, the repression and outright evil that has infiltrated this nation would send shock waves to the Founding Fathers as they view the tumultuous avalanche of malevolence everywhere one turns. from their divine vantage point up above. Has Satan won the war against the presence of liberty and freedom in our lives? Is this a sad and unrelenting chapter in historical terms that Americans must undergo, for a God inspired revival that will bring a Resurrection of this nation's soul and spirit that will regenerate our purpose in life? Americans will know that a sinking ship can be miraculously elevated and sail towards a higher calling in its passage that approaches a providential destination. The powerful and sustained prayers of humbled and principled individuals, will change the trajectory of those unable or unwilling to end the madness they have created.


Many sane, loving and God fearing Americans are bewildered by the evil that has manifested against children. The abhorrence and disastrous contempt for youngsters during their majestic time in development of personality and character, has been excoriated by adults that have exhibited psychological, unstable, mental abnormalities by decisions that are debilitating the innocence and uplifting lives of the most vulnerable. It is too graphic and disturbing to outline the abuse and excruciating horrors that are prescribed in terminating the role of one's gender. One must fully come to terms there is a God, we are all God's children. To thwart and manhandle the body and mind of a beautiful child, is a crime that is a mortal and vexatious sin of major proportions. Numerous Americans are asking why bureaucrats and parents are allowing children to be exposed to debauchery, by books found in public libraries and an avid participation in prurient adult performances.

 The education of youngsters has also created a disturbance. The incongruous manipulation of American history and the  trust of authority, are viewed with a suspicious and vacuous alacrity that enforces a wicked response towards situations in which violence and cruelty are common place. The consequences of an inept interpretation of the past, and even the present by educators, has destroyed the essence of America's traditions and heritage recognized by past generations.


Americans are also learning there is a form of pestiferous assaults within the justice system. Violence is rewarded for its capacity to instill fear, by an eagerness to control all victims as a ransom for pleading a crime under duress.

There are other problems and revelations, too numerous to mention, that are destroying the fabric of a heralded nation known for its strength and convictions of freedom, in all aspects of human communication under the tenets found in the Constitution. The invasion of America's southern border, the rise in crime, the surmounting inflation and costs to live without contrived impediments, are just a few of the unbelievable constraints in living a life full of promise and contentment in a Constitutional Republic. While all of this is true, the only respite to end the allegiance of evil, is to pray, and pray without ceasing. This is the only manner in which America can find itself away from despondency and depression of the human spirit. The restoration of a once magnanimous land of faith and opportunity, is in the hands of those that love and appreciate the sacrifices of Americans that died and were wounded in battle for their fight for our liberty and freedom. The time has arrived to remember a nation for its benevolence stature as a beacon for peace in a broken world. America's Incarceration of its dignity, must be released without delay.

Thanks again for your continuous support - during these challenging times in America - a nation under siege.

Be unafraid and courageous. God almighty is with you.

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