February 11th, 2021 8:54 PM

Dear Friends,

We all know the score. Life is tough, we're balancing extremes and hopes for a better day are just around the corner. Optimism is a belief in one's faith that all events will work themselves out for the common good. Since November 3rd, 2020, many Americans are wondering and searching for answers on what to do next, to avoid the pitfalls of the current crisis - in our freedoms.

Many Americans are suffering. There is pain and grief. There are others in denial, unable to come to terms with their current plight. Many suffer without a friendly voice of encouragement. There are lonely unheard chords of misery enveloping the population where's one joy is becoming a distant memory.

However, this situation will eventually change. Americans still own a reservoir of good fortune stocked in perpetuity through the power of prayer. America is under siege and and one of the ways to overcome the despondency of the present moment is to have faith that Our Dear Lord will help. The time for our healing is predestined and will be made known - once Our Dear Lord, In His Infinite Wisdom, declares America's circumstances are providential. Notwithstanding, the truth that lies dormant or hidden from view, will be revealed in such a manner, that doubts of its veracity will be vanquished.

To live life as an American nowadays is a struggle - as mental illness has descended on the powerful and those that lack a discerning and humble spirit. Whether this influence of authority in individuals or entities are reflected in actions devoid of human decency, one must fully grasp the age old fight of good vs. evil. When a society is under oppression, one must never relinquish the freedoms bestowed for our abundance by Our Dear Lord. As a youngster that fled Communist Cuba many years ago with my family, liberty and freedom for life, will always be in my heart and in my soul. My words of encouragement are sincere, as I pray for a nation that has witnessed its character become astray and adrift, from its original God fearing Constitutional foundations.

Thanks again for your continuous support - during these challenging times in America - a nation under siege.

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