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Dear Friends,

I planned on writing about California's budget woes and the idea some legislators have in legally selling marijuana in order to close the $26 Billion deficit. During the past few days, it seems as though the Governor and the Legislature have approved in principle a budget agreement. While this is encouraging at first glance, the details and additional negotiations are still forthcoming. While I'm assured the state of California has not 'gone up in smoke' as of this writing, I would not be surprised if the current stop gap measure in 'alleviating stress' will eventually 'explode' and create the turmoil all parties were eager to avoid. One of the details mentioned was to borrow funds from the treasuries of cities and municipalities across California in order to end the deficit. Such an action will undoubtedly produce lawsuits against the State as one can surmise these funds were earmarked for uses in development projects and for salaries. I see fireworks on the horizon as local interests and city governments do their best to keep their funds from going to Sacramento.

As mentioned above, after awhile, one needs to escape from the disappointments and disagreeable content of the news in general. We mostly discuss financial matters in relation to the mortgage industry, here in this TeamBlog. However, I've noticed many of the TeamBlog entries as of late were discouraging or I should say, depressing to say the least. Mind you, these are events which need to be discussed in a thoughtful and intelligent manner.

One topic that I will never cease to discuss ad nauseam are the actions imposed by powerful forces directed towards the loss of our freedoms, liberty and independence. Without a doubt, this is my 'cause celebre'. Nonetheless, there are times one needs to be relieved of chronic despondency by the actions imposed by others either in government, business or in our personal lives. Seeking balance is a goal worthy of attainment. In so doing, I decided to take a weekend mind trip without the use of barbiturates or mind altering drugs as proposed for legal sale by our California lawmakers and immerse myself with thoughts of encouragement that all of life's problems are challenges to be explored and overcomed.

I also focused on thoughts and positive reenforcement for the life I lead, the blessings I have in my health, the love for my family, my friends and camaraderie I have with others. While the dreadful economy has been front and center staring at us from all angles, it is a healthy respite to escape the gloom associated with its depressing nature.

This Summer compared to last, has become an overwhelmingly stressful and depressing minefield of emotions which has created fear, anxiety and exasperation where such inclinations were unknown or of minor consequence at best. The rapid change in one's world can take someone to the depths of an imagined abyss where perception of one's plight can lead to hopelessness and despair. In reality however, there are options available which can guide one to safety and the path to prosperity in all endeavors.

In order for me to be in my zone of comfort and uplifting transfiguration, I have become enamored by involving myself in several activities so far this Summer. I love Classical and Jazz music most of all to relieve bouts of stress. Recently however, I have become enraptured by listening to Gospel Music. Perhaps, in listening to the moving melodies and the inspirational lyrics of Gospel in my own little way, I've become more in tune with myself as a force of enlightenment in a world full of disparagement. Certainly an Epiphany of sorts has occurred in my thoughts for the future and in the manner in which I am to pursue my goals. I'm happy to know full well that I'm alive, content and eager to help those currently involved in my life.

Please check out just a couple of my newest friends:

Norman Hutchins 'Emmanuel' 

Hezekiah Walker, Marvin Sapp, LFC 'God Favored Me'

I also decided to start writing again. I now have taken the time to write a book about my experiences and the workings of destiny, fate and the Almighty in my life. I'm beginning to spend time jotting down my recollections. Notwithstanding, I'm committed to having my manuscript  published next year. 'The Miracle' is a dream inspired work in progress and the day it hits the New York Times Bestseller List, I just knew in my heart that providence was instrumental in its success!

Below are just a few of the passages I've written so far:

"In recollections of my childhood in Havana, I am able to remember with certitude several events which planted the seeds of my current personality and demeanor to this day. Certainly as children, we are not accustomed to have detail oriented memories. However, there are situations which have the ability to pinpoint one's emotions during an occurrence of a profound nature."

I also enjoy viewing independent films that poses challenges to my preconceived notions or offers unusual entertainment by opening a window on worlds I've never known nor seen before. Just the other day I saw the movie 'Seraphine'. This film is based on the life of French painter Seraphine de Senlis. This woman's struggle from day to day in surviving the skirmishes of poverty was painful and laborious to watch. Nevertheless, the recognition of Seraphine's inspirational and intriguing paintings, provides the triumph and the rewards for the many years beset by sacrifice.

There are so many other activities one can do to 'alleviate stress'. However, the most important and in many ways the most successful is Prayer. I would have to say the ability to understand and appreciate the power of Prayer is in the release of anxiety and the cumbersome doubts which restores faith and optimism after one's 'conversation'. I also know that in my own life there were situations which have changed or have gone through such a transformation that Prayer was the only element or catalyst to have brought about the desired result. Moreover, Prayer brings to life sincere dreams of the heart and discloses hidden information which allows one's benign purpose to occur. Without hesitation I can truly say, 'Answered Prayers' is the ultimate stress reliever of those in need of Divine guidance during these chaotic and trying economic times.

I am fortunate to have the ability to express my views in a small forum such as this. I know to some, my thoughts may be construed as inappropriate of discussion in a business setting. There was a time not too long ago that I would have kept my thoughts and inclinations to myself. However, once you are an eyewitness to the disintegration of this wonderful and great nation by powerful forces focused on imposing measures contrary to the origins of the Founders, one is compelled to stand up and use the bully pulpit so that Americans can rediscover and embrace the complete truth.

Thanks Again          

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