November 1st, 2021 6:47 AM

Dear Friends,

All Saints Day is a celebration and remembrance of men and women that are recognized for their wisdom and contribution to Christianity, during various times of upheaval in civilization. Many of us have favorite Saints that we ask for help as an intercessor through the Divine power of prayer. Our prayers are relayed to Our Dear Lord so He can acknowledge our devotion and faith in His guidance by overcoming the pain and suffering that occurs on any given day. Saints have an abundance of compassion and attributes of Godliness that were revealed and demonstrated throughout their worldly lives. While this is true, their Divine presence continues to manifest when one asks for overcoming the stress and bewilderment of living in a cruel and fallen world full of deception, immorality and sin. 

While I am truly grateful and appreciate the capacity of Saints to fulfill my desire for peace through prayer, I've met Saints in my life that have restored my faith by their assistance when I needed their help the most. There are Saints you might not have noticed in our families, friends or those we've encountered by their love for freedom, and their outpouring of benevolence for others throughout their lives. The catastrophe that has engulfed America by the advent of Marxist oppression, will reveal the Saints in our midst that we never knew loved us and our beloved country. The revelation where there are courageous, discerning and God fearing Americans compelled to 'preserve, protect and defend' this nation from evil -  are truly worthy to be known as Saints doing God's work here on Earth.

Incidentally, tomorrow is All Souls Day.  On this day I will remember the departed loving souls of my family, friends and everyone, as they truly embraced the Divine spirit of living a Godly life. I know they are rejoicing in my presence - and in Heaven.

Thanks again for your continuous support - during these challenging times in America - a nation under siege,

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